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Spread # 108- An Artful Journey August 30, 2010

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Up, up in the mountains of Santa Cruz in Northern California there is a magical place where earth, earthlings, and art, converge in most enchanting ways. The Presentation Center is the setting for An Artful Journey, a unique art retreat, intricately put together by Cindy O’Leary. I am super excited to be teaching Yours Naturally– a 3-day nature journaling workshop, from February 17-21. It is designed to tap into the vast nature that is around us, our own expansive nature, that of our fellow journeyers, and to explore the many ways that all is mysteriously and beautifully connected. The three unobstructed days will offer the ultimate exposure to a very personal and expressive art journaling process. It is for those of you who are enlivened by the thought of experimenting with ‘down to earth’, tactile, and unconventional materials and practices, invigorated by the grandness of nature, and are content with a more intimate and tranquil setting. I am excitedly awaiting the event as it holds the promise for a rich and joyous experience. If you wish to join me please secure your spot soon as class sizes are limited and classes fill fast.
I hope to meet you there.


1. Lynn Fisher - August 30, 2010

Orly that sounds just SO awesome!!!!

2. beth - August 30, 2010

congrats on the teaching gig orly! what a lucky bunch of students not only do they get a great teacher they get to see you amazingly beautiful, textural, color drenched art : ) happy monday and be well!

3. Stephanie - August 30, 2010

The Presentation Center looks like a beautiful, restful place to dive into journaling!! I am sure it will fill up quickly…one of these days I hope to join you.


4. rachel awes - August 30, 2010

that really sounds amazing
& i love your hands w/flowers!
bestest blooms to you!!! xox

5. apaperbear - August 31, 2010

I have had the wonderful opportunity to take classes and workshops from Orly in the past. She NEVER disappoints. She has helped me to develope and find my own creative, natural, organic style. I have also seen so many wonderful artists develope their own style under Orly’s guidance and classes. Everyone is does such wonderful work in her classes and beyond. I’ve learned so much about myself and how I interact in the world outside myself in her classes, that I have also been able to use in my own work outside of classes and beyond. Orly’s classes are fun, funny, introspective, challenging. I hear the new setting of these classes are wonderful! I wish I had the opportunity to join you!

6. Donna - August 31, 2010

Looks like an amazing space and an inspiring class, Orly – I am sure an illuminating experience will be had by all present…xxoo

7. Anairam - August 31, 2010

It sounds wonderful and I wish I could have joined you! I will be on my own Artful Journey here at home – in my own studio!

8. Arlene Wanetick - August 31, 2010

I hope, I pray, the funds and time will come my way……xoxoxoxo Arlene

9. soraya nulliah - September 4, 2010

Dear orly…I wish I could come up with you. Your retreat sounds amazing! You are an inspiration as always:) I just tagged you but…I guess you aren’t there!! Oh well…maybe next time!!

10. erik linow - September 4, 2010

oh boy, you are a wonderful artist, the kind of art II like and love

11. Pnina Gold - September 5, 2010

Your classes are a true inspiration. I wish could come to this one!!!

12. rivergardenstudio - September 6, 2010

Dear Orly, your class sounds incredible… getting down to the ground and being right there as you journal. I hope it is wonderful and that you return to your home energized and filled with feelings of warmth and wonder. Someday I would love to meet you! roxanne

13. Donna Watson - September 8, 2010

I hope you have a wonderful workshop experience as I am sure everyone attending will.

14. Vibeke - September 9, 2010

I love your work! Thank you for sharing:-)


15. Joy Logan - September 13, 2010

LOVE those journal pages

16. Yankale - October 26, 2010

I am not sure I will be there physically :), but I will sure be mentally… Love you and proud of you…

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