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Spread # 109- Road Not Taken September 11, 2010

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Our habitual stagnant thoughts, they lead us to undesirable human predicaments. They deprive us from experiencing the ultimate state of feeling loved and being loving to those who need it from us the most. If we are aware of that why is it so difficult to ditch this road? Why don’t we abandon it if the old perceptions of how our lives and the lives of others should be like don’t really work? If our verbal expressions do not prove to be conducive to sweet love, why don’t we reassess, reconsider our thoughts, change, adapt? And if the monumental thought structures we have so meticulously built for ourselves are proven to be malfunctioning and continually harming, why on earth are we on this doomed road? Why is it so hard to build our roads anew, each and every day? Why can’t we just push the refresh button and forget all the other buttons?


1. apaperbear - September 11, 2010

How is it you write EXACTLY what I need to hear??? I am dealing with a lot of family issues, dramas, dynamics, and behaviors right now. I want to change them. I’ve always been the one that questions these dynamics. It’s time for change. It’s time to change at least my part in it. Thank you for echoing excactly what I am thinking and going through.

This spread is sheer beauty! Poetic and rich with mystery, and subtleness. You are my wonderful amazing friend! I love you!

2. donna!ee - September 11, 2010


3. Arlene Wanetick - September 11, 2010

Beautiful processing, Orly. CHange takes courage and deep desire. We are bound by habits. Awareness of a habit “no longer working” is the first step…and then one must be willing to try something different. To face the blank page with a different tool or a different color…or a different page altogether. It isn’t easy…I think it only happens when it feels like a necessity. I am exploring it in my life right now. I’ll keep you posted! THank you and love you….love traveling the road with you.

4. kelly - September 11, 2010

Indeed Orly, Why? Why oh Why? I would love a ‘refresh’ button, right on my bedside table so that as my feet hit the ground, if need be, I can push that and start anew! Love your thoughts, thank you for sharing, as always.

5. iHanna - September 11, 2010

I kind of like the comment button to, the one that helps us express greatfulness like so: thanks for your beautiful blog! 🙂

6. Donna - September 12, 2010

Okay, I am going to press it now – very rollercoasterish afternoon, and then I saw the ‘you have mail’ button and that you had a new post and I read it and now before everyone comes back home and the craziness in my head continues I will push that metaphoric button to refresh, and the real one too iHanna, to comment and have a lovely evening with the loves of my life – just got off the phone too with the love that is my Mom, so we are in a very fortunate and loving and moved space at the moment…thanks for being part of my process today, Orly… much love to you…

7. Pnina - September 13, 2010

Love the concept of change. your eliquent words are powerful reminders of the need to break habitual patterns that no longer serve me. Love the spead.

8. rivergardenstudio - September 14, 2010

i love the way you compose your pages, always, and these two definitely speak of change, coming out of the mist. Being open to that refresh button. Hope you have a wonderful week. roxanne

9. Dina - September 15, 2010

You always inspire me!

10. Stephanie - September 15, 2010

So very true, on a personal level as well as a global level.

It can be hard I find as I am such a creature of habit, even when those habits are not so healthy.

thank you for putting these thoughts out for us all to process.

11. aimee - September 20, 2010

i think it’s because we also find comfort in routine, even when it’s uncomfortable… it takes a great shift in the conscious and a willingness to act in order to break out of it. super question… you always have my brain chewing on something interesting when i leave here! xo

12. Donna Watson - September 22, 2010

you have some very thought provoking questions here– love your collage.

13. shannon - September 22, 2010

beautiful thoughts. you always get me thinking. thank you for that.

14. Glenda - October 20, 2010

This blog entry is something I have been struggling with for sometime. It is simply amazing how we focus on people who do not feed our creativity. Instead, the suck the very air from us. Thanks for sharing and opening my eyes,

15. gil avineri - October 28, 2010

thank you for challenging humanity as a whole in the ways you know so well how to. we hear you loud and clear, even if deep, deep inside

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