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Spread # 111- Fatigue October 1, 2010

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

She’s so tired. Don’t wake her up. May be at 4:00. She’s in bed. She goes down, up, and sideways. She is heavy. She has a black dress on. Very stylish. Sometimes she wears olive. It matches her eyes. She performs menial tasks. She’ll be up soon. Promise. She’ll make that cake that everyone loves.


1. aimee - October 2, 2010

sounds like the life of a mother! 🙂

2. denise - October 2, 2010

Love the use of typography on this one.

3. Donna - October 2, 2010

….or she can go back to bed for awhile and get some much needed rest – that could be another option….I wish you peaceful rest…let someone else make cake this time…xx

4. Arlene Wanetick - October 2, 2010

REST, my friend!!! xoxox A

5. rivergardenstudio - October 2, 2010

All your words speak to me of being a woman, of beauty in the dark and in light. Wishing you a rest in the sun, on a soft chair… time to listen to October breezes and sleep. roxanne

6. Pnina Gold - October 2, 2010

As always you speak for the rest of us…

7. Christina Brittain - October 2, 2010

I LOVE the poetry of this post. The images, tone, feel, emotion, heaviness, hope, shadow, more that you created with the paint brush of words. You are artist. I love you.

8. Brian Kasstle - October 5, 2010

I have approached this post so many times and it always gives me such profound sadness and grief. I finally decided to post how I feel about it. It is true that art can evoke such sadness, loss, grief & pain. I write this from the airport in Butte, Montana, leaving visiting my sister to come home. I wish you peace and comfort. With much love. The cub.

9. Stephanie - October 8, 2010

the cake can wait…take care of you

I too feel the heaviness of so many people tugging, but feel light at the same time…floaty


10. gil avineri - October 28, 2010

esoteric and very realistic.

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