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Spread # 113- Journalfest 2010 November 5, 2010

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

There comes a time in art journalers’ lives when they ought to be able to forget themselves, entirely, see themselves as non existent so they can finally become themselves. It may not make much sense…it does to me. It is a time to be crying a voiceful cry not to silence it, smile a teeth-full smile, not cover the mouth, move on an expansive dance floor, not keep the arms close to the body, hug someone a tight hug, not pat on the back three times, and make art that flows from one page to another, not constrain it to the edges of the page. It’s a time to overlook one’s own frailties, become a part of a human experience, and by doing so, naturally become one’s self. I had such a time in Port Townsend, Washington state, at Journalfest last week.


1. apaperbear - November 5, 2010

Oh how I wish I was there to share in the rich journal journey! I am so glad you had a wonderful time! NEXT year for sure! It looks like a wonderful, colorful place.

2. gil avineri - November 5, 2010

god is great. god is love. you are love.

3. Glenda Hoagland - November 5, 2010

I agree…..I am working on a book of my trades from Artfest and have been jouraling and experimenting. The process has revealed so much about myself to me and I am in love with who I am finding.

I will be taking your Saturday class in April at Artfest and cannot wait to meet you.

4. nicole austin - November 5, 2010

thank you for teaching your class at journalfest! i learned a few things about myself and my art through your class. journalfest was quite an experience. i think you’ve summed it up here very well. 🙂

5. patty van dorin - November 5, 2010

next year, next year.

6. Donna - November 5, 2010

all my favorite colors here, Orly – and hopscotch brought me back – every recess in sixth grade – love this image and the words that accompany it – glad you had such a wondrous and expansive experience…

7. judy Wise - November 5, 2010

What a brilliant teacher you are, Orly. I loved all the exercises we did and wanted to hear all of your stories. I want to know about your childhood and where you have been and what you saw. Even better than the class though was the example of you as a person. You are in my pantheon of giants. xo

8. Dreaming Bear - November 5, 2010

Sounds wonderful! I hope to attend someday…but thank you for sharing your reflections on the experience. Love the hopscotch.

9. kelly - November 6, 2010

what a wonderful experience for you! love this idea of becoming able to forget oneself…you never cease to amaze Orly! thank you.

10. cathyb - November 6, 2010

I so love this combination of colors – beautiful Orly

11. Christina Brittain - November 6, 2010

I love you.
I love who you are.

12. Nicole - November 6, 2010

I love the colors and imagery. I want to jump into this picture. Do I see my friend Pnina in there? Wanna play?

13. rcscreations - November 7, 2010

Orly, dear Orly…I’ve been waiting to hear about Journalfest! It was this time last year that I met you…and you opened my eyes to many things, not just about journaling, and art, but about myself. I wished I could have made it this year…but thought of you there, teaching another batch of students your wisdom, from your heart. It sounds like the experience was as profound as last year…a way to open up and just BE.

I would love to hear more about it!!!

Happy Weekend, to you my friend…


14. Lynn Fisher - November 7, 2010

I can’t wait to hear more. One fine day I wish to go.
Thse pages are so rich and colorful…the fullness of fall…love them! (so glad you had a great time…bet you are a great teacher : ) )

15. rivergardenstudio - November 10, 2010

This is such a rich mixed-media piece. It has innocence and sophistication.Orly, someday I would love to meet you! roxanne

16. Pnina - November 11, 2010

Making a map of me in your class was a touching expereince. So are the colors of your beautiful post.

17. the GyPsY - November 12, 2010

Wonderful .. you not only have a way with art but also have a way with words.

18. Anairam - November 13, 2010

This page seems so free. I think I understand what you are saying. To me it means that the more conscious you are of self (i.e. self-conscious) the less you allow your self to be. Your workshops must be incredible experiences.

19. Julia Dean - November 16, 2010

Hello Orly!,
Wow…just found you, what an inspiration…where is your book with all these lovely and real and inspiring words and wonderfully free and lovely (and gritty) art…and why aren’t you selling your journal pages as art prints?….they are just scrunptious if I can be so presumptuous… you are definately going on my blog roll so I can follow you ….I would love to do the art retreats but am here so far away in Australia,… Ro Bruhn is part of my art group…must ask her why she hasn’t brought you up at our get togethers…are you going to do any online classes soon?…I do hope so..Can I put a piece of your work and your wonderful words on my next post?..The one aboout the roses would be great….xx..julia

20. Julia Dean - November 16, 2010

Hi again, dont I feel silly..I just explored further (ahem)…and saw your wonderful gallery of work…wow again. Just such great art, your fabrics,illustrations..so much beauty!..xx..julia

21. stephanie - November 24, 2010

I hope to be able to attend Journalfest one day and experience a class with you…


22. Rachel Peterson - November 27, 2010

Incredible work…You have really captured the colors and feel of fall…!! I love what you say about letting go… it can be hard but so rewarding… this page makes me feel like a person who is at one with the landscape, in it, out of it, with the people, the animals, both within her form and out of it. Beautiful work, wish I could have been at Journalfest with you!! Maybe soon!

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