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Spread # 114- Pretty Or Gritty November 16, 2010

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Let’s face it. We are all attuned to beauty each day, looking to adorn our lives in every possible way, craving to surround ourselves with pleasant sounds and pleasing images. Our journals are not different. They are geared towards aesthetics. That’s what we are looking to express and that’s what we are looking for in other people expression. That being said, we are also determined to be real, sometimes our experiences call for expressions that are less than beautiful and more spirited and valiant, direct and honest, daring to be ugly. It seems to me sometimes that these are two camps within the journaling world. They sometimes even quarrel. It is odd to me, as I see pretty and gritty as being great sisters, feeding on each other, deriving regular nourishment from each other. Pretty and Gritty should honor and respect, let each other grow, and be. And what I also discovered is that when you let Gritty play, Pretty always follows.


1. apaperbear - November 16, 2010

Oh my gosh! I was just thinking of a similar post for my blog… wait until you see… Your gritty is very pretty!!!

2. shannon - November 16, 2010

big YES to this one…night and day, breath in and out, up and down, ebb and flow… it is in the balance where we just ARE and i believe we need both – the gritty & the pretty to learn, grow and live!

3. Jo - November 17, 2010

I love this, both the art and words. Pretty does follow Gritty; everyone need as leader. Gritty is actually twins… she leads the way and then comes along behind Pretty to make sure that nobody’s perfect.

4. Donna - November 17, 2010

Makes me sooo happy! Especially that last line…

5. Pnina - November 17, 2010

You said it all. How liberating it is to feel that gritty is clearly another aspect of pretty. I love how you captured the interplay of yin yang. Love your post.

6. Arlene Wanetick - November 17, 2010

Gorgeous, yummy interplay. Miss you, want to hear about Journalfest this year, I so missed being there. Let’s chat soon. xoxoxo Arlene

7. Seth - November 17, 2010

Pretty and Gritty. Great concept and exceptional pages.

8. aimee - November 17, 2010

orly, this piece is outstanding – and i couldn’t agree more with the words behind it! i get distressed if there is too much “pretty” around – i have to have a little bit of gritty to counteract it. and vice versa. a great way to describe going after a balance in life.

9. eb - November 18, 2010

oh so ankle deep
in nitty gritty desire
pretty – plum worn out

10. beth - November 20, 2010

coming here always wakes up something stirring just below the surface in me…here’s to sisterhood in all it’s forms…

11. Anairam - November 22, 2010

True words! I like your term “Pretty & Gritty”. This journal page and post of yours tie in well with Keri Smith’s words in Mess:
One of the biggest handicaps that occurs with both trained and untrained artists is a kind of reverential attitude toward making things beautiful, accurate and perfect. What is missing in this approach is spontaneity or playful attitude with regard to materials and process.”

12. Anairam - November 22, 2010

Oops. There is meant to be a quote symbol at the start of the 4th sentence of my comment above.

13. Gil Avineri - November 26, 2010

the medical field could use x rays like these. i think it’s time to watch patch adams again soon.

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