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Spread # 117- Alterations December 13, 2010

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Waaaah…yeah my favorite T-shirt got old and worn…and yes it’s just a T-shirt but I loved it…it was more ‘me’ than any T-shirt I remember…and although I don’t consider myself a material girl (pun intended), I did get attached to this one in particular. I liked how I could combine it with an odd patterned long sleeve T-shirt underneath…and I absolutely got attached to the ‘waaaah’ girl printed on it, (‘Waaaah’ a Japanese word, used by anime fans meaning “small” or “mini”). So yeah, double WAAAAH!!! I just couldn’t toss ‘her’ in the trashcan just like that…so I cut the design and pasted it in my book. By doing so I reaffirmed my position regarding our capabilities to alter our moods, perceptions, and even our emotions and most definitely lots of other physical stuff, like books and furniture, etc. I am so glad I found my T-shirt a lovely home in my journal, and that it is still in my home, I really actually am!!!

In November’s ‘Fall Into color” workshop in Southern California, we altered our thoughts and stances on the meaning of inspiration. Take a look at students’ work (myself included) in this video.


1. gina armfield - December 13, 2010

such an awesome workshop and a wonderful day!

2. apaperbear - December 13, 2010

Oh I love that shirt! Did you get paint on it??? An awesome video and an incredible class. Have a wonderful holiday season! And I will be seeing you very soon!

3. Connie Rose - December 13, 2010

Orly, now you can photograph that page in your journal, and print it on a t-shirt transfer, or print it on treated fabric and stitch that to a t-shirt — whatever. Recreate it!

4. iHanna - December 13, 2010

Great photos/vid! I am going to ask someone to take a photo of me with my journal, our lovely relationship should be documented too.

5. Christina Brittain - December 14, 2010

LOOOOOOOOOVED it! So fun to see your beautiful face and journal as well as Pnina’s!!!!!!!!! Yay! And sorry about your T-shirt but I love that it gets to be transformed and live on!
Huge hugs,

6. Pnina - December 14, 2010

The news about your t shirt upset me but the video put a smile on my face…
Time to go shopping. Pnina

7. Nicole - December 17, 2010

If a t-shirt had to die for a beautiful page, then I say so be it.
I love the video. It’s so fun to see everyone;s work!

8. Briana - December 20, 2010

Awesome idea, Orly! I just looked through some of my old journals this morning and was impressed with all of the cool daily fodder I used to glue in. I should try that again, I think!

9. Anairam - December 22, 2010

Oh, how sweet! (I didn’t know that Waaaah meant that in Japanese.) I really, really like your idea that one can alter anything, even one’s mood or attitude. That is such a great attitude (one that you should never alter!) x Anairam

10. Anairam - December 22, 2010

PS … and what lovely work by your students. Paint chips, gourds, and Klimt – who would have guessed!

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