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Spread # 119- Make A Billion Faces January 1, 2011

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

I’d like to press the ‘refresh’ button today, the first day of 2011. I’d like to summon up all my courage to reveal new ways in which to see myself. I’d love to let go of old perceptions I have of who I am, what I can do, and how I look like. I’d like to dare to look at my face and see the world behind it with marveled eyes. I collect my words, personal images, and intimate oddments and I put them in a physical and in a virtual book, I call it a visual journal. I don’t journal to make beautiful pictures of myself and of my world but to facilitate spiritual growth spurts. However, I have to face it, even if I set out to make a journal spread about a walk in the park, it would be about me. When I look at me in 2011, I’d like to look closely and openly and see myself as the mysterious, intricate, vulnerable, conflicted, imperfect, magnificent creature that I am. I’d like to learn to look at my face as well as the faces of others with ease and comfort. I remember days where parents used to say to their child: ”If you make this ugly face, it will stay like this forever.” And I say that if you don’t make this ugly face you wouldn’t know what your face could look like. So express the ugly, the bold, the beautiful and all the in-betweens, go for it, make a billion faces.


1. Reva Solomon - January 1, 2011

Well said – Happy New Year – Reva (Los Angeles)

2. apaperbear - January 1, 2011

Your faces are beautiful, wonderful, expressive, loved.

Here’s to a wonderful creative New Year for us all!

Ha! I posted today too!

I love you!

3. apaperbear - January 1, 2011

Your faces are beautiful, complicated, amazing and loved!

Here is to a wonderful creative New Year for us all!

Ha I posted today too!

With much love to you!

4. leslie miller - January 1, 2011

Accepting what is, loving what is, being. Well said.

5. elkemay - January 1, 2011

oh orly!
you are my soul sister after all- born a mere one day apart!!
i wrote this last nite- nye- and you are in it! and our thoughts our desires are similar!!!
i’m inspired to do self portrait work today!
a beautiful way to jump into the ny before thinking! or really thinking!!!

6. Linda - January 1, 2011

Awesome post. Here’s to a new year full of promise of finding our real self… the good and the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. They all exist within us and all are crying to be heard.

7. Pnina - January 2, 2011

Love your faces. The pretty and the beautiful. Haven’t seen ugly yet. I guess you didn’t make ugly faces growing up… Wishing you an inspired and inspiring year.

8. Connie Rose - January 2, 2011

Wonderful post, thank you Orly. Happy New Year to you!

9. Briana - January 3, 2011

Thank you Orly. What a beautiful piece of art (both visual and literary) in this post. I am here to experience spiritual growth spurts, too.
Here’s to 2011!

10. Anairam - January 5, 2011

What a great post – you say it very eloquently, Orly! Here is to the billions of magnificent faces that you are, and here is to discovering even more faces in 2011…

11. rivergardenstudio - January 7, 2011

beautiful words and faces. I love the way you express yourself. roxanne

12. Seth - January 9, 2011

Love the message behind this post. A big happy new year to you Orly!

13. aimee - January 11, 2011

happy new year, orly! wishing you and all of your faces a wonderful turn around the sun!

14. Sherry Ball Schoenfeldt - January 16, 2011

love it
I always love the journal pages, now I look forward to finding out more about you

15. Cole - January 18, 2011

Hey Orly! It’s me Lyon.
I’ve seen neither Ilan or Maya seem to not be blogging anymore. I’ve personally stopped blogging myself. Well at least on my Lyon’s Life blog. I’ve started a new blog at http://mystuds.wordpress.com about soccer.
Anyways I just though I’d say hi.
Best wishes,

16. Stephanie - January 21, 2011

Love this concept..put your face to the new year, whatever that face may be.

wishing you many wonderful creative bold and fanciful faces in your 2011 journals!


17. rcscreations - January 26, 2011

I am a face maker too, Orly…in real life, and in drawings, paintings…always 😉 I love that you have your photograph there, next to the painted faces…what beautiful journal pages! Your blog posts always make me think…
By the way, one of my local art group friends asked if I knew anything about “Orly”, as she was thinking of taking a class with you for Artful Journey. I had nothing but praise for one of the best teachers EVER 🙂

Take care, my friend!

18. Julia - January 29, 2011

Yes!!!Yes!!!Yes!!…..I feel so much like that…
What do I do today that helps me to be on my creative path….peacefully, freely…

19. gil avineri - February 9, 2011

another power punch of verve and wit

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