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Adjusted To Beauty March 14, 2011

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

The definition of beauty is highly subjective. Nevertheless, let’s just admit the fact that we all want IT, and need IT. We want to make beautiful pages, journals, art, beautiful human connections, beautiful days, etc. We are in constant search for, and intuitively geared toward beauty. The truest beauty though, is achieved, when we just forget about IT.

Speaking of beauty, found abundance of it a few weeks ago at An Artful Journey, an art retreat held in the Santa Cruz mountains, where I taught a 3-day nature journal workshop.

Come find beauty in Artfest next month. A beautiful art retreat in beautiful Port Townsend, in Washington state. I’ll be teaching 3 classes: A Deck of Roses, Roots and Shoots, and The Art of Correspondence.

A new beautiful site is up for October’s Journalfest where I’ll be teaching: Face Lift, Text & Texture, and True Colors.

Also check out my workshop schedule for the next 3 months in Southern California and request to be on my students’ email list to receive monthly detailed information.

Here is to beauty, in all its forms. May we all connect in mysterious and beautiful ways.


1. apaperbear - March 14, 2011

Beauty! Orly you are a beauty! Beautiful soul, beautiful face, beautiful soul. So giving, so creative, so inspirational. You give us so much.

Beauty acheived. Beauty period.

2. Pnina Gold - March 14, 2011

Your classes are so inspiring and filled with Beauty.
So looking forward to take your upcoming classes in artfest and Journalfest.

3. Sara - March 14, 2011

That piece of art is beautiful! And I wish I could take one of your classes…doesn’t seem to be many classes like Artfest and An Artful Journey here in the UK…

4. Emily - March 14, 2011

Gorgeous pages!

What a teaching schedule – do you ever make it to the Midwest?

5. doodledsgn - March 14, 2011

wow!I salute you for being who you are in the truest sense.. through your ART! Really an inspiration for someone like me who’s still searching for her place in the field. Thanks for sharing, Orly.

6. Sarah Berger - March 14, 2011

Orly “THANK YOU” for a place at your table. You create such a wonderful safe environment…permitting us, me, to create and not worry about the outcome. it is the process after-all.

7. Nicole - March 14, 2011

So beautiful….love the mermaid, love the sparkly thingy- what is that? How did you get that on the page? Hmmm…..

8. Seth - March 15, 2011

Love this page. Your workshop students are a lucky crew!

9. Francesca Di Leo - March 16, 2011

hi orly, i have just discovered your art and blog, and so glad i did. i love your work and find it very inspiring. i’ll be at squam this year but hoping to take one of your gorgeous classes at art fest next year..!! exciting stuff.

10. beth - March 19, 2011

this page is gorgeous…the color is so stirring and anything that can move your soul is beautiful. love.love.love.

11. Stephanie - March 29, 2011

You have a full schedule…one day I am going to find a way to join a class with you.

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