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Spread 125- Don’t Want To See March 18, 2011

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Oh how I need to stray today to sweet dreamy places and forget all about the other nightmarish places where nature’s nature and dictators’ wrath rule, where souls’ bodies and spirits are crushed. How can I?


1. wendy lee lynds - March 18, 2011

gorgeous. as are you. keep journaling. keep creating…..

2. apaperbear - March 18, 2011

Your spread takes us away to wonderous mysterious places

3. Maria Little - March 18, 2011

good advice! There is a super full moon on the 19th. I want to paint it over dark images I painted last week!

4. Jo - March 18, 2011

I agree. So much of the world is very dark right now and I, too, am wondering how I can escape to a dreamy somewhere. I can’t. Thanks for putting this into a bit of perspective. We can’t turn our backs on the horror.

5. pearlandroses - March 19, 2011

Your spreads help us connect with beauty even if it seems hard to find.

6. Dawn D. Sokol - March 19, 2011

Lovely spread and words. I really have hit a couple of ruts this last week with all this bad news. When I do, I turn off the news for the day and try to focus elsewhere. I don’t want to forget about the people who are living these tragedies but I also need to spin my “ruts” into spots of gratitude for the life I am blessed with.

7. Arlene Wanetick - March 20, 2011

Oh! The colors and textures! Gorgeous.

8. Rosie Fleming - March 21, 2011

lovely story and pictures

Yeh its been a freak a leaker lately the old news!
my housemate suggested we get rid of the tele for a bit, and just before the Japanese crisis began, we had put ours into the shed. Not having access to images in the house – apart from the computer, has been good. I hear – have radio, and everyone shares the news anyway.. but it has been quite a bit more calm to not have such distressing and out of our control images in my face as much. In the past I it hard not to look, not to watch the 24hr news stations. These run and re run the pictures, and seems to make you feel more powerless in a way.

I try and sit quietly and send as much peaceful stabilising energy to the areas/ regions I know are in distress at the moment. Only really started doing this with the floods here, [Jan in Australia] but it seems to be one way to be present with but not be overwhelmed by the current crises at times.

Getting into the fearful mind state doesnt help me really, but knowing I can direct something calming and balancing into the areas does. Sounds a bit wild, but it does work at both ends! If we have the power to freak out, we also have the power to be still and to offer some sense of balance, of hope and strength to the regions, to the people, and ourselves. When a uni friend told me she was sending healing into the Gulf, in 1991 I thought it was a bit … rich or something, but I know we have the power to affect our own mindstates. I figure we can at least neutralise the energy to some degree., if nothing else.
and the art, its always useful!

thanks again

9. Sara - March 21, 2011

I love this!! Especially the hint of turquoise…And I also struggle at the moment, when the world seems like such a dark and ugly place. But that is one of the reasons I create art – to counter act the ugliness with something beautiful. ~ Sara

10. Briana - March 21, 2011

Great idea to journal about not wanting to see the bad happenings in the news. I’ve felt the same way, but not sure what to do with those feelings. I don’t watch much news, but have seen a few disturbing images that I’d rather not have in my head.

11. aimee - March 22, 2011

that is the wonderful thing about imagination…. we can retreat there even if only temporarily. wonderful piece, orly!

12. Rosie Fleming - March 23, 2011

yeh thank de goddess for our great and wondrous imaginings, its a great place to be and a heaven for our brains / minds at times, thats for sure.

have a good one over there

13. Shannon - March 23, 2011

So very true… Sending love, intentions, peace, joy, financial support, and compassion out to the world. We are so connected and the feeling of being one is deep right now. This art piece is very powerful, Orly. Hugs…

14. Emily - March 26, 2011

These spreads are to die for. Are they all on paper?

15. Stephanie - March 29, 2011

So very much bad news filling our thoughts…you have brought me beauty in visiting your beautiful pages.


16. Gil Avineri - April 21, 2011

simply implode into the ein sof

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