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Spread #128- GPS April 26, 2011

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Maps have always meant ‘the world’ to me..haha. But when my vision got bad, so did my ability to read the street names on the back of these maps. I thought, damn the tininess of it all. Yet I wasn’t ready to get myself one of these ‘global positioning systems’, a GPS . That was until I was to get in my car and drive up to Santa Cruz on the way to an art retreat. Along with my preteen daughter, there was no way I would stop a million times, unfold this crazy piece of paper to try to figure out where I am and where I am heading and then fold this thing again. Remember, I LOVE maps, I am so attached to the concept of maps in countless explainable and unexplainable ways. So yes I gave in and allowed someone special to treat me for my birthday and get me one mighty GPS. Best gift ever, after my trip with my daughter. We named it Miss. Gippy, or Miss Calculator whenever I confused her and did not go where ‘she’ instructed me to go and needed to ‘recalculate’. Miss Gippy did a phenomenal job at taking us where we needed to go, deep deep in the forested mountains. So what seemed like an unjustifiable gift, a guilty  pleasure, turned out to be a necessity, or a guiltless pleasure. The source of this simple joy, I now believe, came from that feeling I have when I journal or when I post my latest spread on my blog. I am only in one place at the present moment. That’s not the case with the map. When you open a map, you see (that if you can see) where you’ve been, where you are, and where you are heading, and all the in-between routes. The GPS pinpoints your precise location on earth at this moment and shows you a tiny bit further. You relinquish control, you give your full trust that what will come will be quite interesting. You are where you need to be now and a tiny bit further…It’s sheer freedom. And here I was thinking that I am loosing my freedom by getting it.


1. Judy Wise - April 26, 2011

oh, I agree, I fully agree. I too love maps but behind the wheel I lose my sense of direction and spend a lot of my driving time lost. Now “Jill”” is my co-pilot; a little bossy, snide when I goof up but still a pleasant companion.

Here’s to the little pleasures!

2. apaperbear - April 26, 2011

Oh I love my GPS and I remember our trip with mine. Thank you for giving us a new perspective about GPS’s, as you do in your very Orly way.

We love your very Orly perspective.

3. Nathalie - April 26, 2011

he he he! My husband and I, we’ve named her the peacemaker! A device that brings peace by reconciling adversaries. Now, we blame her for not having a decent sense of direction!!! 🙂

4. Laura Blough - April 26, 2011

Good post. I see my journals as a kind of map were I can see where I am and where I’ve been and maybe a bit of where I am going. Your post will definitely make me appreciate actual maps more and consider incorporating them into my journals.

5. The Creative Beast - April 26, 2011

Orly, I love this perspective on GPS vs. Old School Maps. I too am a lover of old maps (“Cartography” in fancy terms!) and learned to use the Thomas Guide to great effect. It is a bit sad that Google Maps, Mapquest and GPS systems are making the old fashioned maps obsolete…but then again that means more old maps for me to use in my collage work!! 😉

Also, there can be some merit to being ‘lost’ – sometimes that is how we discover some interesting places we would miss by following the map =-)

6. donna - April 27, 2011

ahhh, you crackumeup – love this and quite fancy your new definition – we called ours Shutup with all the love in our hearts, and deepest appreciation of course – great colors, and patterns in this spread – thanks for the giggle

7. pearlandroses - April 27, 2011

There are so many analogies to maps, GPS and the moment.I also think that we can get lost using the GPS. I actually experienced that today. In your classes Orly, you are our GPS and we all feel safe on the roads you take us, although sometimes we feel we gone to the edge… I myself would like to go on a ride with you and your Miss Gippy 🙂

8. gil avineri - May 2, 2011

you can rest assured that out there in the world there will always remain a small handful of rare humanoids with built-in GP systems in their brain and a back-up invisible USB cables that instantly connect their laser vision eye balls to any paper street map, regardless of how microscopic the letters. these humanoids will carry on the old tradition of cartographic alchemy. the rest of us can continue appreciating maps in other, less stressful ways.

9. Tessa - May 2, 2011

Thanks for your comment at my blog: you wrote you lived in the Netherlands for 10 years, do you speak some Dutch too? I only write my blog in Dutch, did you understand some of it?
You said you studied at Utrecht, I live in Oosterhout that is nearby Breda.

xx Tessa

10. minnie - May 3, 2011

my first experience with gps was in europe when my daughter was studying aboard….we rented a car with one in it but didnt know we had it….my husband and i fought tooth and nail, he insisted on using that map which i could not read, and we got lost more times then not…..towards the end of the trip, we discovered we had something in the car that talked to us and told us where we were….we named her chole, and to this day i have that total freedom of free of getting lost and all the stress that comes with it….i love chole and all the times she has saved me from dangerous dark nites in foreign cities near and far. i love how you told the story of letting go of control and how it gave you freedom…. its kinda how it feels when you give over your earthly control and let the spirit guide you…. well said orly….

11. Tessa - May 6, 2011

Thanks for your lovely comment at my blog!!

Love this page you’ve made…

xx Tessa

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