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Spread #129- Defiance May 5, 2011

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

I strive to be a good mama, with all my might. Sometimes I consider myself a good one when I feel I achieve success in guiding my kids to ask questions and to question: practice critical thinking, follow their heart and mind truthfully, challenge anyone’s stagnant thought forms and behavior patterns, including ours, parents, and of course their own. So how come when I detect subtle resistance or face spirited opposition from my kids I feel like I am not doing so well as a parent? How does it really work? How come I like for them to have original thinking, have their own perceptions of events that take place in the world and in their lives, and in the same time want them to have mine, or if not, at least be silent? Honestly..


1. apaperbear - May 5, 2011

Such a beautiful post. Welcome to the teen years! I have observed many, many children & friends children. Your two exhibit wisdom beyond their years. You have done such a fine job! Yes, they will make mistakes and learn. We all did and servived and thrived. You and Carlos are fine examples. Welcome to the questioning & self discovery years.

2. Monica - May 6, 2011

Yes, not easy to be silent. We ‘think we know best’. We trust in our maturity and experience and years. We’re arrogant. We just want to help. We want peace….. Takes a whole tonne of deep breathing.

Love that top left corner.

3. The Creative Beast - May 6, 2011

Orly, I admire how you are taking time to be at home to raise your children, especially during this time of adolescence, which is not an easy time. I have to say that I did giggle a bit at this post since parents/teachers/adults so want our youth to form their own opinions and express them…except for those times when they do not dovetail with our own opinions!!! LOL! 😉

I think it must be hard to see a “reflection” of yourself that does not always sound like yourself, but that is because the children on our planet are struggling to find their own voice, just as we did at that age,if we can remember that time, so long ago…though I do not have children, I am always amazed at the process of maturity with the children of dear friends. I know it’s not easy on either side to navigate this process!

4. Kathryn - May 7, 2011

I’m not a Mom but I understand well the feeling of wanting to convice someone else of my point of view rather than letting them find their own understanding.

5. pearlandroses - May 8, 2011

I know what you mean. Don’t we Mothers know it all? Can’t they recognize the truth in our thinking? Well, wishful thinking It’s Mother’s Day after all…
Love your blue window of opportunity.

6. Stephanie - May 10, 2011

oh Orly,
this is so very true…be your own person, but..what! you don’t agree with me??

I was HAPPY that my ‘youngster’ spent the entire day with me on Sunday…I could not have asked for more.

hope you enjoyed your day

7. Seth Apter - May 11, 2011

Such a challenging issue to ponder. One thing is for sure though…your journal spread echos your questions and is simply fantastic.

8. dianaTrout - May 11, 2011

a paradox, indeed. I love looking at your blog

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