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Spread #133- There Comes A Point June 8, 2011

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Yesterday was a very good day, I received the very good news that I’ll be teaching again at Artfest next year. On such days like yesterday I expect myself to feel very excited about who I am. I believe that there should come a point in any one’s life where he or she proudly stands alone, when he or she does not look at him/herself in relation to another, in comparison to anything. The sooner that point comes, the better. You stand alone, very present and magnificent, and you are proud of yourself there standing alone, fully content with all that you are, all that you do, all that you feel, all that you experience, all that you look like, all that you make happen. I am still yearning for the point to come.


1. akismet-474e956cfbdd273bfb74aef882faadfb - June 8, 2011

standing alone authentically, but being connected in the love of beauty, the joy of expression, the contemplation of life well lived.

I enjoy each journal spread you share, and your thoughts. I believe you use space in a sensitive unique manner.

2. Denise Paccione - June 8, 2011

I am too! It’s called enlightenment. 🙂

3. Catherine Witherell - June 8, 2011

Oh Orly! I like your description of this feeing or state of mind you’re seeking. The seeking itself is interesting to me too.

I have an inkling that it has to do with creating it for yourself. Having it yourself. Because no one can do a thing to give it to you. If you don’t have it. Perhaps the describing is part of creating it for yourself. Hey, like that’s the way this feeling looks like to you now if it would happen.

What if your description means you’ve already reached it? What if your human mind can’t let it stand? What if humans will never EVER stop comparing self to others, self’s accomplishments to other’s accomplishments? It’s crazy wacky behavior, albeit human and almost unavoidable. You conceive of the “point” and then . . .

I’ve been thinking that as humans when these great things happen, like winning the coveted teaching spot, raising an admirable child, being admired for your contribution to the community, or the world, the human mind, yours and mine can’t leave it alone to stand and must interject the element of doubt. DOUBT! In any form, even doubt about and in unrelated areas of life. The question is why? Certainly if we could just enjoy the accomplishments as manifestations of the things we want. We could feel and acknowledge our own command over ourselves, congratulate yourself and smile.

What if no one can give it and you must take it for yourself and feel pleased and proud and admit the pleasure and the wanting and the satisfaction? It’s what YOU wanted and you can’t lose it . . . You can only change inside and then want something else.

4. apaperbear - June 8, 2011

I find this soooo breathtaking. The “background” is so you and so, so, sooo wonderful.


I can not wait for Saturday!

XO Brian

5. Connie Rose - June 8, 2011

Oh God, Orly, I thought you were going to say you were already there and this is how absolutely fabulous it feels! I’m still working on it, too…glad to know you, sister!

6. Connie Rose - June 8, 2011

Great post today by Orly Avineri…

7. kathryn - June 8, 2011

i feel like i am definitely getting there, as i have worked very hard on myself these past 18 years but i absolutely believe that it’s all part of our journey and if we can get out of our own way!!!

8. Arlene Wanetick - June 8, 2011

Hahahaha, ditto to Connie Rose’s comment. CONGRATULATIONS, by the way! I love sharing this journey with you. Someone sent me this yesterday….seems timely. Can’t WAIT to see you next month. xoxox A

“Matterism comes from seriousness and importance. How you catch matterism is by having too many things that matter. What matters is that you allow your heart – not your ego – to rule your life. Then very little matters because you will be a humble person and you’ll take most of life as it comes. You can change the bits you don’t like and move away from those that you can’t change.

Once you get to the point where almost everything doesn’t matter, you’re emotionally free. If it rains, you get wet; if they don’t show up on time, you wait; if they don’t pay you, you eat less; if they don’t love you, so what, you didn’t come to please them anyway; if they don’t think you’re special, that’s marvelous, it frees you from having to thank them for their compliments. If life doesn’t go the way you want, accept the way it does go, use it as your teacher.”

Stuart Wilde, in “Whispering Winds of Change”

9. Stephanie - June 8, 2011

Big congrats on ArtFest! and wonderful, insightful and thought provoking post. Maybe we really never arrive at that point, but with each step of validation and self approval we realize it is the journey.


10. michelle - June 9, 2011

congratulations!!! i got two out of my three proposals accepted and was a tin-see bit bummed that my third wasn’t… that was until i saw that you were teaching! i really hope to take your workshop on my free day. 🙂 you are so talented and i really LOVE your work. xoxo-m

11. rachel awes - June 9, 2011

congrats on this teaching…& that is one powerful figure in smoky white.

12. Karenann Young - June 9, 2011

Glad you are teaching at ArtFest again! Wish that I could go someday.

As far as your quest goes, I keep thinking about the saying, it’s “The Journey is the Destination”. Maybe if we got to that end point, we wouldn’t strive to do different things, ideas, etc. I really can’t understand it, but just today I was sitting in the backyard and realized I am very happy with where I am doing art. No pressure. Just experiment and have fun!

LOVE your artwork by the way!!!!!!!!!!!

13. Pnina - June 9, 2011

My goal is to feel good about who I am a few minutes everyday and then expand that feeling to a few hours everyday. It’s challenging but creating art helps. I realized that when I love my process I feel good about myself. I am so lucky.

14. Yankale - June 10, 2011

My dearest Orly,
That point WILL come…. Or it is already there.
The point is, that at that point there will be another future point that you are yearning to.
So make every second of your life THE POINT that you “proudly stand alone, not looking at yourself in relation to another, and not in comparison to anything”.

Love you a lot…


15. kelly - June 10, 2011

Wonderful news on artfest…I will make it one day, this I know.;)
It is an ongoing quest and journey, it seems, to reach this point…sometimes it comes in glimpses and that is when I know it is there and to not give up, keep on striving and creating for that is when I feel it most.
Thank you for a great post, again!

16. Gil Avineri - June 13, 2011

i feel in that place most of the time, though i do slip often for minutes at a time. traveling has done me the most good of all in this endeavor. especially no frills, miniscule budget travel. and being proud to wear clothes i like from an endless collection of newly discovered thrift stores.

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