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Spread #136- Deserted Islands July 2, 2011

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Journal pages, like deserted islands, are waiting to be inhabited. When you find yourself ‘there’ you ought to first calm down. Remember you can convince yourself of almost anything, so why not convince yourself that you will survive? Then once you are in the right state of mind you evaluate your sources, look for fresh water. You got the island,  you got water, now it’s time to start a fire, get the passion going, the heat, the light. Find food, be content with what’s around you, available right there. Eagerly yet gently create your shelter. Forget the SOS signals you were going to mumble within yourself. You are just fine, exactly where you are! Deserted islands may never be deserted again.


1. apaperbear - July 2, 2011

If I wait too long to visit my “island” I get grump. I suspect I will be visiting my island soon for some R&R….

Love your arid island.

2. Christina Brittain - July 2, 2011

What a magical metaphor that showed up this time! Delightful how you ran with it. Delightful to be reminded that we are all fine. No S.O.S. needed!
Ps I love the blog’s backdrop!

3. Ladyfish - July 2, 2011

I ought to first calm down… perfect reminder to me… to let go and just get into the art, the journal, the drawing, the space. I’ve felt like I’m on a deserted island lately, but your words put it an entirely new perspective for me. I’m not trapped, but free to get my fire going!
Now I love my island space. I’m off to find the water. Thank-you!

4. pearlandroses - July 2, 2011

Love your images. The deserted island and the visual image. it’s nice to be reminded that we can get to our deserted island and out of it by decision. Now I need to pick my favorite journal book to take with me…

5. Carmela Kramer - July 3, 2011

it is so funny, just worked with Pnina and Paulette and we did some work we did work on Pomagrentes.. we must have been on the same wave…

6. lynny58 - July 3, 2011

Beautiful images Orly! …and you have a real talent for writing as well. I would love to have an island…but want friends along!
Join me for tea.

7. Marit - July 7, 2011

I felt a bit weird today.. lost my mojo while my hands itch to go journal. So I decided to surf the Internet, just keeping ‘my eyes busy’ and discover new art journalers… and WOW, did I discover a wonderful artist I didn’t know of yet… YOU! Your blog is awesome and so is your work! I will add you to my bloglist.. now this day isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Thanks for ‘being’ on the Internet!

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