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Spread #142 – Move August 18, 2011

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

I see my 13 year old daughter drawing people on loose papers, many people, all kinds of people, every single day. I ask her, “what propels you to do that every day?” and she says, “wanting to be better.” “…And when you are done how do you feel?” She says, “accomplished…I guess.” I feel inspired by her to create every day. When I do, I too, feel that I am better, that I am changed. People! Create in the presence of others! When you do you’ll soon see them creating in the presence of others, creating in the presence of others, creating in the presence of others…affecting change softly yet steadily. I am sharing with you this video that moves me, that supports my art-making, my sentiments today about the bond between me and my daughter, me and you.


1. many - August 18, 2011

Une jolie jeune fille est toujours source d’inspiration, c’est magnifique. Bises à toutes les deux

2. apaperbear - August 18, 2011

What a wonderful spread, sentiment of creation, and song of colaboration of creation!

If we all create every day what a wonderful world it will be!


3. theartofyou - August 18, 2011

LOOOOOVE it! Thanks, Olry!

4. tina - August 18, 2011

What an absolutely lovely video. Thanks for sharing!

5. Sarah Berger - August 18, 2011

Wow, as an artist I always, well almost always, work in solitude. Thank you for sharing this. I will re-evaluate. Watched the video this morning and my day started out with a song in my heart and a smile on my face.

6. Pnina Gold - August 18, 2011

Beautiful chain of thought inspired by a talented young artist.

7. Jill K. Berry - August 18, 2011

Dearest Orly, I turned in the very last file for the book on my daughter’s 13th birthday. A milestone for both of us. I hope that one day, you and I, and our daughters can share a space. I think of you with warmth and appreciation.

8. lynny58 - August 18, 2011

So glad you shared this beautiful page with your daughter as star,, and she is wise for her age ; )

9. Spread 0043 – The Path « Brian Kasstle's Blog - August 19, 2011

[…] fact I am actually dancing along.  Orly has a wonderful video on her blog right now, check it out here.  It is a wonderful collaboration of artists.  Watching it inspires me to dance.  We don’t […]

10. Monica - August 19, 2011

Beautiful spread of your lovely daughter – it shows her quiet determination to create everyday to “get better”. Love the video too – a great reminder that we are more connected than we may think =-)

11. Lynda Howells - August 19, 2011

wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the world felt like your daughter?xx

12. Arlene Wanetick - August 20, 2011

Smiles to you and your beautiful daughter!

13. Marit - August 22, 2011

Thanks for the video… I always create best in solitude but the video gives me the ‘boost’ to try otherwise… see what comes from that! Your daughter is a huge inspiration! Give her my greetings (‘groetjes’) from Holland!

14. rivergardenstudio - September 29, 2011

Wonderful post here, I love the video and the collage of your daughter, and especially that SHE is an artist! roxanne

15. Gil Avineri - October 26, 2011

thanks for reminding me that not only bad habits are contagious. the good habits are just as contagious. pick your virus wisely.

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