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Spread # 143 – Artist’s Enemy #1 August 25, 2011

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Procrastination…yes, my greatest enemy. Not being able to begin. Delaying  and postponing creation. Starting is THE most difficult step for me in the process of bringing something into existence. How to overcome? How to understand what makes me not take the plunge? How to forget understanding and just start?


1. Sue - August 25, 2011

Make micro movements. One teeny step at a time.

Pretend you are doing a “draft” copy…..not the real piece…..yet.

Gather all your tools together that you will or may need, signaling that you are ready to begin. Breathe deep 7 times and just begin. If you don’t love what you do, it will have been a learning experience or ‘practice run’ and you can always do it over or do another one.

2. mindy lacefield - August 25, 2011

you said it! if i can just put water in my pickle jar and walk in my studio i’m good to go but getting to that point can sometimes be tough. many times, i walk in my studio not wanting to be there and end up feeling rejuvenated and inspired once i’m in the process. its amazing how if you just DO it, magic happens. and to not wait to become inspired to create. just show up! love this post orly. 🙂

3. Connie Rose - August 25, 2011

Great post, Orly! You can reframe “procrastination” and call it something else, or think about it differently…like seeing it as a phase in the process where you’re still gathering sufficient inspiration to actually begin. In other words, try not to resist it and it won’t look like such a big problem. Also, I’m finding that those moments or bursts of inspired energy to begin or work on something are often very subtle and pass quickly if you analyze them or don’t follow their lead right now. So, don’t worry about procrastination, but do be vulnerable and open to those prompting hints.

4. kathryn - August 25, 2011

hmmmm…i would never have guessed that was an issue for you as you seem so inspired by nature and know so many techniques and are probably surrounded with a plethora of materials. i tend to just plunge in and throw away all the stuff that doesn’t work…but i’m also not doing it in a journal where you may not want to tear out pages!! so interesting!!

5. Leanne Roberts - August 25, 2011

This is absolutely me at the moment!! I just can’t start, even though I am aching to create. It feels like there is a forcefield over my art table. Thanks for the post!

6. the GyPsY - August 25, 2011

I know what you mean. I just wrote a comment on another blog, that maybe applies here, too. After taking so long to say to myself that I am an artist and I am author .. I now wish I hadn’t! It came with some kind of responsibility that restricted the creativity and fearlessness. Now I’m working on telling myself I just make art and I just write.

7. apaperbear - August 25, 2011

I practice letting go and just diving in. Laundry can wait, errands can wait… life is too short and fleeting to not do what we love. There will always be “stuff in the way”. It’ll get done… have some time for YOU now.

8. Pnina - August 25, 2011

Sometimes what seems as procrastination is a time of germination of a creative idea…

9. Monica - August 26, 2011

I’m with Pnina – I tend to be hard on myself for what seems like procrastination, or worse LAZINESS, but then I find that I needed the time to let an idea simmer. The old saying “An IDEA whose time has come” is around for a reason =-)

10. Marit - August 26, 2011

Teehee… I saw the title of your blogpost in my RSS feed, and came right away to see what YOUR biggest enemy was… and then I had to look up that word… grrrr…. but yes, that’s a huge enemy! Not my worst though… as I think about it. What is the worst for me? I will give it some thought as some swirl in my mind right now… I love your spread, the ‘golden’ strip puts it all together and in perspective… (is it gold or is it a tree??)

11. Catherine Witherell - August 27, 2011

You too? When I am sane about it, I know it just means I’m not ready yet.

12. pamelajane - August 27, 2011

Sometimes the biggest boost in overcoming inertia is thinking back to another day I didn’t seize and realizing how much I regret the lost opportunity, never to be reclaimed. Long ago I learned that “showing up” is the first big step. Then the next steps are always easier, aren’t they?

13. Briana - August 28, 2011

I love the layers of color in this one!
Yes, procrastination is so tricky sometimes!

14. Lynda - August 28, 2011

Yes procrastination is my greatest enemy as well – I used to think it was laziness but I have since come to realize its lack of inspiration of the same technique or material or media. when I find something new I then just surrender and it just seems to flow – Funny though Orly you are the one that lately inspires me. Thanks for that.

15. Christina Brittain - August 31, 2011

Oh honey! If you think YOU are a procrastinator at art, I think you must be confusing the word! Thank you, dear Orly, for beginning again and again and again, with heart, every day, every week, to speak your speak of color and Orly light. We love you.

16. Kelly Z. - August 31, 2011

A timely post lovely Orly! Urrrgggg procrastination is a huge thorn in my side these days…telling myself I will finish such and such before I can create and other ridiculousness, when really it frees me so much and opens me up…why do we stay stuck sometimes? You, on the other hand, bring me inspiration and a breath of creative air! Thank you!

17. Karenann Young - September 3, 2011

Working on the Rolodex cards have helped me a lot. I start with any paper that looks good to me at the moment and glue it down. It usually doesn’t show up on the final one, but it’s a start. Then I pick a focal point. Once I’ve done that, I just start picking through my little stuff and play around with it. Often I wonder, does this look “right” and I stop myself and just do it.

As far as journals go, I’m still stuck. I make my own journals, do one, maybe two pages and then stop. I make a page that I hate and I can’t stand it. I’m thinking of making a journal with a spiral notebook so I can easily take out the pages that I don’t like!

18. Kira - September 5, 2011

I’ve always said that getting up is the hardest part of creating…once I get up and sit at my table, I’ll be happy painting for hours. But the mind works against me, keeps me from standing up and crossing to the table. I, also, wonder why that is. We’ll get there, though, because awareness is the first step to change. 😀

19. Gil Avineri - October 26, 2011

and the cheating booklet is full of excuses

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