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Spread 144 – In Contrast September 13, 2011

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

We are quick to point out to people who seek our advice that there are millions of colors, many ways to see the world, to solve a predicament of any nature. On the contrary, when it comes to ourselves and our world we often only see in monotones, or sadly, in black and white.


1. cheryl strait - September 13, 2011

Such a beautiful post.love the colors and textures..

2. kathryn - September 13, 2011

in metaphysics we are taught that when you’re in the extremes of black and white that you’re in your adolescence. it really makes sense when you think about it. and sadly i see that a lot at my work place!

3. apaperbear - September 13, 2011

Wondrous, beautiful, rich. I remember being young and feeling “stuck” in black and white, isn’t it amazing what a different perspective brings?

I guess that is why they call it perspective. Everyone has a different one.

4. Monica - September 13, 2011

I agree with Kathryn – I viewed the world more in black & white in my youth than I do now. I guess the passage of time helps one to see that most situations in life are various shades of grey…though I do prefer to see brilliant Technicolor!!

This spread is FABULOUS Orly and it feeds my need for Technicolor! 😉

5. pearlandroses - September 14, 2011

The more color I see in my spreads and in other people’s work the brighter the world seems to be.

This spread is incredible. It makes my world feel good.

6. gilat - September 14, 2011

Orly, I don’t know how you do it, this is exactly the wayI see the world today. I just spoke to a friend and gave her advice in color but for my self the world is monotones or black and white.
love your post!!! inspiring

7. Christina Brittain - September 14, 2011

Holy Canoli! What sweet truth, Orly! This entry is such a gorgeous example of your own beautiful, poetic, expansive, inclusive, WISE perspective on being alive. Thank you for sharing it with us so faithfully. Much love

8. apaperbear - September 15, 2011

Can I just say I LOVE this spread. It reminds me of just starting out journaling. The colors and the many images. The mood. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!

9. Marit - September 16, 2011

Bright colours, vivid colours… they are all around today as the sun shines (finally!) Love your spread dear!

10. Karenann Young - September 17, 2011

I started art doing black and white and I do have a soft spot for it, but I’m trying to add a splash of color in my collages now! I just go for whatever color strikes me at the time! If it doesn’t work out, it’s just paper and paint! I can always paste or glue over it!

11. Stephanie - September 20, 2011

and these colors are so rich and beautiful! I am drawn to aqua’s, new green…marigold colors. Sometimes it’s hard to break away from our ‘comfort colors’!


12. elke may - September 22, 2011

i want to live in this piece… dreamy and magical… i miss you orly!

13. Gil Avineri - October 26, 2011

sadder yet is how contagious is this stubborn narrowness

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