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Spread 152- Don’t Be A Loser! November 15, 2011

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Last Friday, on 11/11/11 my son turned 16. He of all people teaches me to be with others and not lose myself in them, not in their words, nor their silences. Every day he teaches me that realities of others are just that, realities of others. How does he know that already?


1. Lisa Cheney-Jorgensen - November 15, 2011

Very wise young man!!

2. Karen - November 15, 2011

Yes, how does he do that, I often think I am responsible for someone elses “realities” as he calls it. On a rational level I know I am not but on an emotional one…… It’s good he has worked it out, it will save him a lot of heartache. I always look forward to your posts, the written word as much as the art work.
Love Karen

3. many - November 15, 2011

C’est magnifique et toujours autant source d’inspiration, merci. Gros bisous

4. apaperbear - November 15, 2011

Kids are so wise and hip. Wonderful post!


5. Ilene Harris - November 15, 2011

I think he knows that because he learned it from you, Orly…even though you think it’s the other way ’round. By the way, my daughter also had a birthday on 11/11. Only – she turned 39 Yikes!

See you at ArtFest…

Ilene Harris

6. kathryn - November 15, 2011

he’s very perceptive already!! an old soul perhaps?!!

7. Pnina - November 15, 2011

Such an inspiring family 🙂 A heart warming spread an a prewinter cool Day.

8. Possibility Shaman - November 15, 2011


9. Monica - November 16, 2011

I think your son is an “old soul” Orly and a wise one at that! I hope he had a wonderful birthday celebration =-)

The spread is wonderful too!!

10. Seth Apter - November 18, 2011

That you are learning from your son says as much about you as it does about him.

11. Jill K. Berry - November 19, 2011

He is a wise boy. I am not surprised….

12. aimee - November 22, 2011

Because he has a very wise mother!

13. Gil Avineri - November 26, 2011

I’m having a hard time finding connections between the written letter on the collage and your words on the post. Just curious if any exist. If not, that’s cool too.

Orly - November 26, 2011

It may seem to a viewer that there is no connection, but for me Gil, your letter to us in the art has oh so many connections to what I wrote about my son. In your letter you name a few of your realities and pose a challenge for me to turn the same objects and make them into my own realities, different than yours. You are generous in sharing your perceptions of the objects you sent me in that care package and gently probe me to find my own perceptions in them…you are good at that. Also, your last paragraph, is so moving to me. In that case I’d like to adopt your perception of our reality, I’d like to see my family the way you did in the letter. These are two of the few ways the letter in the art connects to what I say about my son. The others may be more obscure, intimate if you will, connections not to be worded. XOXOrly

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