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Spread 157- Light-To-Me December 18, 2011

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

My name, Or-ly, literally means Light-To-Me in Hebrew. I sometimes forget. I carry my name nonchalantly, day to day. It basically means: I have light. It’s true, but I sometimes forget. We all have light but we forget. “Each and every one is a small light, and all of us, a forceful light” (from a Hanukkah song). We have enough to sustain our little worlds and lots more to illuminate many other worlds, to push away divisiveness, to deter darkness, to embrace simplicity of human bonds. To maintain majestic levels of love to support the continuity of miracles.


1. annaschueler - December 18, 2011

I love this piece and also the wonderful words you have written. Thanks for reminding…….

2. coleenfranks - December 18, 2011

Lovely!!! Things to think about.

3. Tamar Bercovitz - December 18, 2011

Hi Orly, What a wonderful statement! and you are so right. Thanks for you wisdom and for sharing it with us. Love you very much, Tami

4. חגית - December 18, 2011

Made me think about my name (Hagit). I was actually born on Hannukah. So here’s a good opportunity to say Hag Sameach, and thanks for sharing your art and thoughts here, I enjoy your blog a lot!

5. Laura Ryan - December 18, 2011

Just the msg I needed this a.m. thank you for reminding me. My name means victory/victorious I think. if not, I think I’ll Make It So and own it

6. Tracy - December 18, 2011

Thank you Orly ♥

7. pearlandroses - December 18, 2011

This post delivered a wholistic experience for me. The beautiful spread the light your name reflects on us and Charanand’s simple yet very deep teachings. Wow. Pnina

8. Gil Avineri - December 19, 2011

my aunt the Kabbalist by nature

9. Monica - December 19, 2011

This was a beautiful spread, beautiful post and beautiful video to look at this morning. Thank you Orly for sharing the light of your beautiful self with all of us and reminding us of our own inner lights as well =-)

10. apaperbear - December 19, 2011

Beautiful, beautiful post. It reflects the beauty in you and the wonderful light you shine and draws us all in.

11. cathyb - December 19, 2011

Love this craziness!

12. Donna Watson - December 19, 2011

Your name certainly fits you… and your work… very light inspiring!

13. Linda Meza - December 21, 2011

Wonderful piece Orly. Thank you for sharing your gift.

14. Seth Apter - December 23, 2011

Light to me…that is just perfect!

15. Gil Avineri - January 24, 2012

the art on this one gives me quite a visceral impression. love it!

16. Irene - January 26, 2012

Orly, this post spoke to me today. I needed this reminder at just this moment and I thank you for it. xxo Irene

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