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Spread 158- A 2012 Note In My Journal December 29, 2011

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

According to the Mayan calendar the world we know will end on December 21, 2012. I don’t believe that but I do believe I should treat it as if it’s my last year here on earth. I’d like to make a note for myself to not forget one important thing! “The important thing is to DO, and nothing else, be what it may.” -Pablo Picasso. My father was very good at that. I should have ‘let’ him teach me that a long time ago. To climb up the ladder. Not contemplate with each and every step “should I, will I be good at it, will I be good at that like the others are, how should I name it? define it? explain it? excuse it? Is what I make worthy of being called art? What kind of art? Will ‘they’ like it?” There is really no time for such mind interruptions, I should commit to ‘doing,’ to keep on fine-tuning my one of a kind voice through hard physical work, to keep on keeping on…doing!!


1. mindy lacefield - December 29, 2011

love this orly!! such a great reminder. loves and hugs!

2. Glenda Hoagland - December 30, 2011

Orly,you have definitely given me something to think about as the new year arrives. Thanks so much.

3. pearlandroses.wordpress.com - December 30, 2011

כל כל יפה וכל כך חכם.
מזלנו שנולדנו לאנשים חכמים גם אם לוקח לנו זמן ללמוד מהם.
מזלנו שאנחנו ממשיכות ללמוד מהם גם בחסרונם.
מזלנו ש.
אוהבת אותך , פנינה

4. Tracy Verdugo - December 30, 2011

beautifully said Orly and I have been doing just that…today however my lower back has decided that its time for me to rest and I have no choose but to listen to its message ♥

5. Tracy Verdugo - December 30, 2011

“no choice” 🙂

6. Lisa JonesMoore - December 30, 2011

Very well said!!

7. many - December 30, 2011

Magnifique, bonne année 2012. Bises

8. apaperbear - December 30, 2011

You have a winner. A beautiful one. Wonderfully said.

Keep doing, creating, challenging.

Wishing you a joyous, prosperous New Year.

Much love

9. lynny58 - January 2, 2012

Such great words of wisdom…and awesome pages! Happy New year dear!

10. Gwen - January 3, 2012

Hi Orly, I was thinking about the 12/21/2012 association with the end of the world. Why doesn’t 1/2/12 have the same connection?
Best wishes for the new year!

11. Arlene Wanetick - January 3, 2012

Amen, baby.

12. kathryn - January 3, 2012

i don’t believe that either…just a way for some people to not take responsibility for their lives!

but i LOVE that concept of thinking this is my last year…what do I want to do or see or be…I’m really going to think about that one and how it relates to my 2012 Intentions!!

13. Marit - January 5, 2012

Happy New Year Orly! Please, keep on DOING in 2012!!! I love it when you show what you did!!!

14. Tessa - Chaotic Blackbook - January 13, 2012

Wow… gorgeous journal pages!!
Love your raw style!

xx Tessa

15. Gil Avineri - January 23, 2012

i will try to be in town mid July for your visit. i hope you’ll have time aside from the retreat to let me show you around my wonderful city.

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