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Spread 163- All Things Are Two February 23, 2012

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

As I was finishing these journal pages, emerging were the faces of Vincent van Gogh and an unknown Mayan person. If I’d be simplistic for a moment, to me, one represents living solely in the confines of one’s own mind, and the other, living modestly as a small part that makes the whole, the grand earth. Together they represent the opposites that reside in us all. All things are two. We are too. Conflicted, yet embraceable. I didn’t plan these pages to say all this, they just did. They always, somehow, sneakily,  find a way to reveal the schisms within.


1. kathryn - February 24, 2012

that is the coolest part of creating subconsciously…many things emerge unexpectedly!! So fascinating!!

2. pearlandroses.wordpress.com - February 24, 2012

The awareness of subconscious trying to find the point of balance is moving to me. Almost as much as your beautiful spread 🙂

3. apaperbear - February 24, 2012

Psynchronicity! Looks like your putting the journal in art journal here too… boy does this speak volumes to us.

4. lindjoy - February 24, 2012

This piece really haunts me. I woke up in the night thinking about it.

5. Possibility Shaman - February 24, 2012

I’m not sure you realize that you are a genius. Truly. A genius of the heart, of perception, and you are a genius in the ways of allowing Truth to surface and be available to us all.

6. Marit - February 25, 2012

‘and yet another gorgeous artpiece by my idol Orly’!! I’m in awe over this spread! Have a perfect weekend dear one!

7. Lisa Wright - February 26, 2012

Such an intriguing piece.

8. Jez Eden - February 29, 2012

Your wonderful blog posts are a ‘kick in the pants’ for me! I am new to blogging and finding my way about what to post – in other words deciding who I am talking to. I have avoided putting up the kind of things I usually like to do because they are offbeat and not what I think of as ‘journal-arty’ – the kind of things I’ve been posting to please my daughter who is into that aspect of journal art and who wanted me to start a blog. The things we do for love!

I love your comments about creating as against just painting. You have inspired me to go where I like going and forget about the kind of thing I have been forcing myself to do for the past couple of weeks.

Thank you Orly

9. eb - March 5, 2012

conflicted – yet embraceable
yes Orly, this I will keep in mind…

beautiful as always,

xox – eb.

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