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Spread 166 – The Last Artfest April 3, 2012

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Just came back from Artfest in Port Townsend, Washington. My 13 year old daughter Maya joined me this time. Beautiful change is always evident when teaching at an art retreat. But this time more than before, as this was the last Artfest. There is nothing sweeter for me than witnessing profound individual human transformations, being it of visionaries of art celebrations like Teesha and Tracy Moore, of friends, new and old, of individuals of all kinds, of my daughter, and of myself. No one is holding back in such occasions, only creating, expressing, bonding, humanity soaring!


1. apaperbear - April 3, 2012

So kicking myself from not going. A beautiful post. I am sure it was wonderful to witness with Mia!

Miss you so much! Love you so much!

2. heatherunderground - April 3, 2012

amen to that! it was such a unique experience and one to be treasured. i miss it already.

3. Lynn Cohen - April 3, 2012

so glad you had such an amazingly good time in all ways.
sweet mom daughter time too! Wow! With a 13 yr old that is quite unusual you know!!! Lucky both of you!

4. carmelakramer - April 3, 2012

you keep “amazing ” me..

5. Courtenay Gueta - April 3, 2012

If only I were in the US. I just recently learned about this ArtFest amazing-ness. I wish Israel had a art journaling community. Maybe I’ll help build a community. Love your art.

6. Kelly - April 3, 2012

an amazing time for sure, such a lovely space it was! and nice to share some time with you and Maya;)

7. francesca di leo - April 3, 2012

your class left me with such a profound sense of awe and inspiration. will treasure that experience with you and our class mates for a long time to come. and am sooo happy to have had the opportunity to sit and chat with you, and Maya at lunch.. i’m a lucky lady, indeed. xoxo

8. pearlandroses - April 4, 2012

You and and Maya are so lucky! Being able to inspire so many people AND your daughter is a true gift.

9. Marit - April 4, 2012

I wish I could have been there! I read marvelous stories about Artfest but I’ve never been there (my budget – which would have to include a plane ticket – never allowed it) I’m glad you had a great time Orly!

10. Robert - April 27, 2012

This sounds like it was a truly amazing experience! Really love the image shown along with this post. Your work is very inspiring!

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