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Spread 172- Try This At Home June 5, 2012

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Many art makers making art in one place at one time = wholesome magic. A couple of days ago I came back home from teaching at the CREATE retreat in Irvine, California. As always in such happenings, the creative energy is so luxuriant, abundant, and undoubtedly, contagious! But really, there is no need for us to wait till we get together again to make art, to create: scribble, doodle, or spill some paint on an unassuming canvas. It’s all there, always ready to play, it’s been there since the beginning of time. Yes, it’s nice to connect to others, to be inspired, to get new ideas, learn new methods of visual expression, to be supported in our creative effort, but we can do it alone. It’s natural to us humans. We were  born knowing how to do ‘this’. Want proof? just go visit at a preschool, see the children building worlds in the sand box, messing up with paint at their tables, on the floor, on the walls. Look at this video. It’s not talent. It’s nature, it needs no company:


1. apaperbear - June 5, 2012

Oh how I love this video!!!! I want a who room like this!!! Children are so free, creative and expressive. We forget. Create, explore, express!


2. Billie - June 5, 2012

I need to get me a kid… that looks so fun.

3. Martist - June 6, 2012

Mesmerizing. Can’t help but wonder what it might have meant to have been allowed to be free to create like this as a toddler.
Beautiful, fun and free, I love this video!

4. Ronit Neeman Salei - June 6, 2012

what a nice way to end my birth-day! looking at a new work of yours, Orly, and watching this video! Yummm to all senses !

5. pearlandroses - June 6, 2012

Truly inspiring!

6. Jo Murray - June 6, 2012

It’s all true… there’s nothing so creative as letting your hair down and PLAYING. I have only one issue with this child’s success. Her parents, both artists, prepare the colours… and probably tell her when to stop…AND choose the one’s for show. Other than that, she is a joy to watch.

Eva Macie - June 7, 2012

I agree with your comments. I am an abstract artist and I loved watching her play with her paints and really feel inspired to go play in my paints again. However, I also feel there was some coaching and prep going on. Watch her very carefully. Look at the way she approaches the partially red canvas with the sponge and what has been painted.I know I sound like soar grapes and that is not my intention. I just think it is not all that it appears to be.With that said, I am hopeful that someday when she is on her own and she will still want to use paint as freely as she does now. I am envious of the unlimited amount of paint she is given to play with. What a luxury!

7. Monica - June 7, 2012

WOW! nothing but COLOR from start to finish in this post!! Thank you for the link to the video Orly – it’s eye opening, awesome and inspiring…I might re-post the video at my blog later it’s so beautiful to watch!!

8. Tracy Verdugo - June 7, 2012

Imagine if we all had our creativity nurtured like this at such a young age. What a beautiful world it would be 🙂

9. PetraMaria - June 8, 2012

So much color…inspiring 🙂

10. francesca di leo - June 8, 2012

that little girl has such great creative energy. whether she was coached or not, my goodness, what freedom to play and experiment and get messy… the crazy kind of messes i dream about making.. i think we get messed up as kids when our parents stopped us from making those beautiful messes and somehow our creativity gets locked in, bound, and buried. creativity becomes controlled, and disciplined, and makes it a much more difficult a creative place to get to easily. thanks for sharing this video orly.. a great reminder to let go. to be free. and to let go. xoxo

11. threadbareart - July 2, 2012

It is wonderful and inspring to be around other artists, but then I do need to come home sometime and lock myself away metaphorically to then let all that connection flow onto paper.

threadbareart - July 2, 2012

I really enjoy coming to your site. wonderful inspiring art lives here!

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