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Spread 173- Listen To Their Voices June 10, 2012

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

My journal mostly belongs to me. Merely by the act of keeping it I feel as though I belong to millions of individuals. All use visual, musical, verbal, and body languages to express who they are. I found this video of two Mayan indigenous men from Todos Santos, a village up up in a remote area in the Cuchumatanes, the highest mountains in Central America, Guatemala to be specific, the country where my man is from. I have visited that absolutely stunning mystical place on earth. Watch these men, their colors, their hands moving, listen to their voices speaking Mam, one of the 24 languages spoken by the different tribes in Guatemala. Watch them communicating one on one in the middle of the road, just like you are doing now with my journal pages, with my words, with these images, with me, somewhere in the middle of the road.


1. pearlandroses.wordpress.com - June 11, 2012

Love the red pants… So nice to see people’s self expression and realize how different we are from each other and yet so much is the same.

2. apaperbear - June 11, 2012

I love the red too! I also see some brown and Orly pinks! I believe we were all put on this place to create and share and support one another.


3. missy from the bayou - June 19, 2012

amen….I needed the reminder as well.

4. Lisa Hoffman - June 26, 2012

A feast for the eyes, ears and heart.
Interesting that in spite of our language barrier, we “get” each other.
Love this post, this Blog.

5. Denise Funfsinn - August 26, 2012

That was an inspiring video (today is my 1st visit to your blog). I first noticed the clothing, colors, packs, watched the gesturing and smiles, and wondered what my little group of preschoolers would say if I showed them that 1 minute clip. Then I thought it would make a wonderful journal prompt for the middle school children I used to teach. There is so much in that one minute that provokes thoughtful commentary. Thank you, Orly!

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