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Spread 174 – Endlessness June 19, 2012

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

We were all born artists of some sort if we care enough to believe it. We all have wide open eyes to support wide vision. We all have unfailing emotional resources to draw from when we approach our multiple canvases. Denying our miseries, complexities, intricacies, our heart-rending riches, not recognizing their  powers, has endless consequences. We were all born with the potential to acquire any language presented to us, being it verbal or non verbal, and use it fruitfully for the purpose of daily expression and self transformation. By doing so we are being of great service to ourselves and to others. Just something I needed to remind myself today.


1. Sheila - June 19, 2012

Wonderful post and wonderful art! Thank you!


2. Donna - June 19, 2012

Oh Orly, I love this guy – this piece makes me oh so happy! And it is so funny you mention these different types of communication…just what I have been making time to explore lately, very fun and fascinating…much love…

3. pearlandroses - June 19, 2012

This guy is so special. Something about him is perfect. His eyes tell the story of your words in a universal language. Moving and uplifting.

4. apaperbear - June 19, 2012

You help to expand our art and our minds. I am just coming down off of 4 days of a creative cacoon. It was wonderful, just what I needed right now.

A wonderful spread and wonderful words. He IS special!

5. annaschueler - June 19, 2012

Thank you for your precious artwork and words!

6. Polly - June 19, 2012

What a wonderful reminder that art is a language all of its own available to all of us; that it is a legitimate form of communication open to anyone willing to learn. Thank you for this posting – started my day off on a powerfully positive note.

7. Carol Weiler - June 19, 2012

Absolutely beautiful! Both the images and words. Very uplifting and inspirational. Thank you.

8. kathryn - June 19, 2012

i find that i need daily reminders as well…we get so busy with life we tend to forget!!

9. kathansen9 - June 19, 2012

i find that i need daily reminders as well…we get so busy living life we tend to forget!!

10. Kelly - June 19, 2012

What a wonderful reminder to me as well today! Thank you Orly!

11. A - June 25, 2012

Somehow, this is what I needed to hear today!

12. lizziebuzziedizzie - July 14, 2012

This is an awesome post Orly!!! Love it, thank you:)

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