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Spread 176- Worthy Of Consideration July 2, 2012

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

We all are.


1. Elizabeth - July 2, 2012

Powerful spread! For me, it visually articulates the experiences of aphasia I have when anxious or stressed, which quickly loop into a sense of inarticulation and invisibility, a sense of being dismissed. Those times I remind myself to pay heed and compassion toward the other, because, even I, too, can become unintentionally unengaged.

2. emilyclineart - July 2, 2012

I literally gasped when I saw this piece. Love it Orly! Thank you for sharing so much.

3. apaperbear - July 2, 2012

Oh how I love this spread! So much strength and serenity.

4. kathryn - July 2, 2012

so very true!!!

5. Pnina Gold - July 2, 2012

למרות שלא שאלת – זה מקסים

6. John - July 3, 2012

Your portrait series is striking! Each is captivating and invites continued observation. I have been drawn back to them all as I return to your blog. Each has its own personality and story.

7. cathyb - July 4, 2012

So strange the way things work out – I saw your book on the weekend but I forget where – it may even have been here on your blog = I wrote it down and thought oh well maybe if I make a few more sales I’ll get it. Then tonite I was on Teesha Moore s blog. I don’t often visit Teesha but tonite I did. There I landed on your book again – well when I see these things happen I know I have to go with it – bought it right away. Also, noticed that you are at create retreat. I am going in July to the NJ retreat and see your button here – some things are meant to be.

8. giliganu - August 11, 2012


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