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Spread 179 – Of Trees And Hair August 1, 2012

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

Two pictures taken in the spring. One, of my favorite tree around where I live, when there were no leaves yet but wild looking red flowers. The other, of my favorite daughter Maya, (yes, my only one), her hair, when I took her with me to an art retreat in Port Townsend in Washington State. Both waiting patiently on my desktop, for my plan to be realized. Out of no where I decided tonight it is. Not sure what the connection between the two, but I’m feeling it, just not having any words to describe it. Lines, beauty, ever-changing, evolving, growing, blooming, something like that, perhaps subtle yet spirited femininity. Perhaps you can help, you have ideas about how they relate. Not that important. What is important to me is going with what’s right in-front of me, not looking for something that is beyond reach at the moment.


1. Hagit - August 1, 2012

They’re both beautiful! Beautiful words, too. Love “waiting patiently for the plan to be realized”. They relate through you – you love them, they inspire you, they’re part of your life – of you! 🙂

2. apaperbear - August 1, 2012

That is the beauty of art. Sometimes the less said the better. Let the viewer make their interpretation. Love!

3. francesca di leo - August 1, 2012

wildly unique. absolutely adore. xox

4. Polly - August 1, 2012

Orly – I love the whole idea of spring/youth, growing/blossoming, both on the brink of bursting forth! Love these. Thank you for sharing.

5. michiepoo - August 1, 2012

love this, love your words. Thanks

6. Matty Maccaro - August 1, 2012

Lovely images and the way you added pink to tie them together is just perfect, wild and free is what speaks to me, but there is an innocent, natural link, some things just don’t need words or explanations. Your artwork transcends and illuminates, thanks for posting your favorites.

7. Ronit Neeman Salei - August 1, 2012

I n d i v i d u a l i t y strikes in the way your favorite daughter is expressing her out self, as beautiful as the striking brunches show their out beauty through your eyes . love love love !

8. Possibility Shaman - August 1, 2012

For some reason, this is my favorite posting of all. It is perfect. Simple. It speaks for itself and invites spaciousness, tenderness and expression – as you have invited us all to fill in the space. There is something “full” about the sweet, streamlined simplicity of this spread. The images are perfect together. For a million reasons held in our million heads. This post is magic. And it holds your magic, Maya’s magic, spring magic, tree magic, and all the magic that your reader’s hearts have been given room to create out of this simple, perfect invitation. Thank you, Orly, for being so dedicated to sharing your magic.

9. kathansen9 - August 1, 2012

sometimes feelings just can’t be expressed in words…but the knots in her hair sure mimics the flowers in the tree!

10. Pnina - August 1, 2012

This post is striking. The colors, the images and your touch. You inspire me from thousands miles away.

11. Sandra McCall - August 1, 2012

They ARE connected- you put them together beautifully.

12. Tammy Murdock - August 2, 2012

Love this spread! I love the pink bits. It speaks to me of branching out….

13. Christy Brink - August 3, 2012

Beautiful and inspiring.

14. Bunk - August 3, 2012

For me, a gentle, wistful spread. Thank you. And thanks too for inspiring me to start blogging about my own art… I’ve recently put up a post about ‘mono no aware’ – the Japanese phrase for a wistfulness in the transience of things – and this is exactly what came to mind when I looked at your new spread – these fleeting moments, each one with the depth of the universe!

15. John - August 4, 2012

Orly, for me the two photos represent hope. Hope for the future with your daughter growing into who she is and will be reaching for the future of her life and the same with the tree. It represents the constant of life. Both are continuing to grow to become what they are meant to be, an important part of our world, a part of the life cycle. The viewer does decide and adds to the meaning. Lovely!

16. Denise Paccione - August 6, 2012

Love this! Simple, luscious, beautiful, poignant. Can’t wait till the two-day workshop.

17. giliganu - August 11, 2012

“What you don’t have you don’t need it now.
What you don’t know you can feel it somehow.”
(lyrics from Beautiful Day by U2)

18. bufferer - August 11, 2012

i think both of them remind you of Japan

Orly - August 11, 2012


19. Elizabeth Bunsen - October 12, 2012


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