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Call Of The Wild Soul October 11, 2012

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I came back a few days ago from Europe, still there made up my mind to post more than just my casual journal pages on my blog. There is so much more that is encompassed in my experiential journey that I’d love/need to share with others. Today, a few days later I still feel the rich taste of my travels, the retreat, the organizers, my fellow teachers, students, old friends, new friends, family members whom I haven’t seen for a while. All demonstrate a grand capacity to explore deep rooted vulnerabilities, to lose their self created constraints, and trust that in return they gain a deep sense of clarity, renewal, and belonging, a deeper understanding of their innate capacity to create. I’m awe struck by the soulful connections made or advanced. Contentment, warmth, lingering, insisting on staying with me a little bit longer. I don’t mind (-:  I have a soft spot in my heart for Europe, a yearning, especially to the northern western part of it, the landscapes, the green, the rain, the architecture, the trains, the stations, the languages and dialects, the people, the melting of it all. There is really no way I can chronologically tell about the events and happenings that took place in me in these full and lively 12 days, and there is also no need for that. Only fragments, in image and word. A twelve-day journey, four in Somerset, England, teaching in a most wondrous retreat Call Of The Wild Soul, four in The Netherlands where I lived for almost a decade while in my twenties, and four traveling days sandwiched inbetween. Looking back, it seems odd to me that although I am most energized and overjoyed by new and old human connections that I tend to take photographs of landscapes, things, and details in them. Perhaps the web of human relationships, we build in our heart, they don’t need to be documented with external devices per se, at least for me. I guess all in all, all intermingles in such magical and mysterious ways and most importantly fill up all my senses to the brim. My experiences always bring me back to my favorite quote by Ruth Perla: “A journey through the senses may well be the swiftest way to the soul.” It’s a sure thing by me. The groupings of the photographs here are quite random. They reveal bits and pieces of my mini trips, yet conceal so much more. These are the images I’ve photographed and compiled to share with you, other images remained in Europe, and in other places. (Thank you Oxana for creating the first three photo groupings and your willingness to share them on my blog.)

…and in the end of it, when I land, it feels so sweet to see these faces, the “jewels in the crown of my contentment.”


1. Amir - October 11, 2012

You write so well! It was great seeing you… Love, Amir

2. Amir - October 11, 2012

Great pictures! You write so well! It was so great to see you again! Love, Amir

3. Jo Murray - October 11, 2012

Such beautiful and evocative photos…and word-pictures. Thanks.

4. Yacov - October 11, 2012

Thank you for being Orly… Love you a lot!

5. apaperbear - October 11, 2012

So very you. Can’t wait to hear more. After being on my own adventure I can relate to still being at the effect of the trip.

6. Milena Mokhov - October 11, 2012

Orlychka, what a beautiful trip! It was so brilliant 🙂 to see you. Too bad it was so short and a bit hectic but I enjoyed every minute of it. Wish you could come and enjoy the rain with us for longer! Love, Lina

7. ronitneemansalei - October 11, 2012

Yes you do write so well! Or sheli, it’s beautiful!!! I can almost smell the TAHAV in the air… and how you explain this in English??? the moist ground, and the dry leaves and the mashrooms all together… Hugs from the fall in New Jersey (-:

8. kathryn - October 11, 2012

love your random images…the grouping is so reflective of your beautiful art!

love that quote too!!!

9. Sharmon Davidson - October 12, 2012

The richness of these images speaks volumes about the richness of your journey. thanks for sharing them with us.

10. pearlandroses - October 12, 2012

Endless beauty, endless inspiration… can’t wait…

11. Monica - October 12, 2012

What a beautiful blog post, Orly, filled with so many gorgeous images! These photo groupings looks like pages from your art journals =-) I look forward to seeing how your blog evolves after this recent journey of yours…

12. Possibility Shaman - October 12, 2012

Orly! I had been wondering where you had disappeared to! What a lovely place to be fully APPEARED to! Fully visible and YOU, soul bared and fancy free in Europe!
This post was by far my favorite of them all. Your writing just soared to a new level of poetic, picture-painting, tangible mood-creating, inspiring ART. Your words were so imbued with your soul, and allowed us to vividly share in your soul’s journey – more than ever before. Your wild soul is sharing itself with us with expansive, generous, gorgeous joy. You are beauty and inspriation itself.
Much love

13. Sally Martin - October 12, 2012

All I can do is smile when I read this and see the beautiful images. 🙂 xxoo

Sent from my iPad

14. aimee - October 13, 2012

this looks like an absolutely soul-filling voyage… and that tree… looks like it’s about to hug someone!

15. Marit - October 13, 2012

What a wonderful photos – and words. I can tell you had a great time filled with warmth and happiness and creativeness. Your blogpost is full of love! Enjoy your weekend at home too…!

16. Niki Salt - October 14, 2012

Hi Orly.
Just wanted to say thank you so much for such a wonderful class at Call of the Wild Soul. I have always loved your art, so the fact that you were teaching was one of the main reasons I signed up for the course- and you more than lived up to my expectations!! I am already making lots more art with the lovely selection of papers you gave me, inspired by ideas about change and impermanence. I do hope I have the chance to take another class with you in the future.
All the best.
Niki x

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