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Spread 197 – The Thin Horse January 24, 2013

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

197- The Thin HorseLet’s make an invisible place, visible. A place where there is no deprivation of any kind, no denial of anything. A kind of place where there is a lot of excitement of paint and words, clearly evident, all around,  in the air, and on the ground. 


1. jacki long - January 24, 2013

Beautiful, Orly! This is great!!

2. Monica - January 24, 2013

Love your words here…and yet, I think I see a ‘white elephant’ in the room! 😉

3. Tracy - January 24, 2013

Oh yes. Lets!

4. janinewhitling - January 24, 2013

i like this place!

5. apaperbear - January 25, 2013

Or is it a big pink elephant? Lovely!

6. emilyclineart - January 25, 2013


7. pearlandroses - January 25, 2013

Thank you for creating this place for us!

8. Pamela Underwood - January 25, 2013

Its a poignant poem- lovely

9. John - January 25, 2013

Simple and yet complicated. Left, complicated moves to the right simple.

10. Gil Avineri - January 27, 2013

ani ohev

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