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Spread 208 – Dweller Of The Doubt April 29, 2013

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

208-Dweller Of The DoubtArriving at a new page the visual journaler finds parts of her world she didn’t know existed, foreign, unpossessed places, places of fear and desire. Fear of losing what was once established, desire to find a renewed sense of self-value. Truths concealed, revealed, and then concealed again. The process offers her comfort and cheer. Uncertainty is certain though. She knows this will only last for a while, a short while.


1. Monica - April 29, 2013

This is as true for Life as for art journaling!

2. Ila - April 30, 2013

Just the word -doubt- stirs fear of, whatever
‘Uncertainty lasts a short while’ because Art Journaling reveals so much. Thank you wonderful Orly.

3. apaperbear - April 30, 2013

Beautiful spread and beautifully said.

4. pearlandroses - April 30, 2013

My eyes keep wondering from one page of the spread to the other and wherever they land my heart says WOW.

5. jacki long - April 30, 2013

Amazing depth and beauty. Thank you Orly.

6. threadbareart - April 30, 2013

This is hauntingly beautiful

7. Christina Brittain - April 30, 2013

Raw and beautiful. Vulnerable and to the core. Deeper and deeper and deeper, you stand open in the the fierce winds of your own wild truth!

8. Marit - May 4, 2013

Your pages and words are always intriguing and very inspirational. Have a bright and happy weekend beautiful one!

9. John - May 4, 2013

Perhaps this is a Shakespeare piece, Lady Macbeth? Haunting! Really cool to venture to this side.

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