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Spread 214 – “Amor Calor Dolor” July 8, 2013

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

214-Amor, Calor, DolorLast night I was watching the movie Frida while I was journaling. That’s the movie depicting Frida kahlo’s life story. I watched it a couple of times before, but this time it was different, more revealing about myself than about Frida. It was that way because of my journaling. It became a conduit to a potent, emotionally charged, and integrative journaling experience. I never felt so raw, unvarnished while journaling. It was soooo good. It made me process rich emotions, process the fragility of human bonds, relationships between love and pain. It made me make peace with the fragility of it all at least while I was journaling. It made me realize that I constantly make choices between withdrawing and re-entering. “Madera, Citlali, Amor, Calor, Dolor, Rumor, Humor, Dador, Amor”–Words found on one of Frida’s visual journal pages meaning: Wood, Citlali (Star), Love, Warmth, Pain, Rumor, Humor, Bringer, Love. 


1. redondowriter - July 9, 2013

I love your spread, Orly. That movie is incredibly evocative.

2. pearlandroses - July 9, 2013

Your experience leaves me speechless.

3. Monica - July 9, 2013

I can certainly see the influence,of the movie in this journal spread, so rich in color and visual imagery!

4. John - July 9, 2013

I know exactly what it felt like to get lost in your own piece while being visually externally stimulated. I love the totally absorbed feeling. Love the depth of this piece.

5. emilyclineart - July 9, 2013

beautiful, beauty full

6. apaperbear - July 10, 2013

I love the film. I remember how this spread started out. So much changed, LOVE it. You always inspire in deed, words, and art.

7. Terry Garrett - July 12, 2013

Orly- I love that movie- I also have a terrific biography of her. I saw a nice show of some seldom seen works of hers at the Walker Art Center a few years ago and the exhibit had a small room of photographs of her in different times of her life. This spread of yours is wonderful-

8. colleen Talbot - July 13, 2013

So glad that I was directed to your Blog by Tracy Verdugos Blog. I’m going to be taking a Jesse Reno wokshop here in Australia, where I now live, but I’m originally from Dana Point…oh how I miss So Cal sometimes. Just ordered 14 Journals, can wait for it to arrive. Thank you for spreading your light sweet lady. Peace and Love..

9. maryAnn - July 15, 2013

wish I’d been by your side … what an amazingly beautiful experience. thank you, orly!!!

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