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Spread 218 – Far From Perfect August 29, 2013

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

218-Far From PerfectYes, me and my journal, we are far from perfect. We are messy and always can be found on a dusty road in the direction of somewhere, never quite there. We are takers, takers of what our thirsty souls so crave for, what is available to us and immediate. We are givers too, givers of what we have an abundance of, of what spills over, of what’s easy for us to give, of what makes us look good. We are compliant and complacent. We are smooth talkers and true poets. We have enough courage to disengage and great need to get attached. We are compulsive and complicated. We have rights and we have wrongs. We are lively and beautiful because of it all. Are you any different?


1. emilyclineart - August 29, 2013

Love love love this.

2. apaperbear - August 29, 2013

I think your pretty much perfect all around! Wonderful and beautiful.

Love to you!

3. Elise - August 29, 2013

Wow, so well said, my friend! The truth is that in spite of all that, we still create on a daily basis. We need it. Beautiful spread, filled with feelings –

4. Monica - August 29, 2013

Gorgeous words for a gorgeous journal spread =-)

5. Julia D - August 30, 2013

Your pages, as always simply watchable!…
And these words, so perfectly fit me too…I connect so much with what you have said!…So, when are all these words going in a book, with your art of course…x

6. Linda Meza - August 30, 2013

Well, isn’t this something! I love it and it makes me want to LET GO and stop being so anal, BUT, I gotta admit, I respect my proclivities and MY rules of engagement in getting to where I need to go. THANK YOU for the inspiration and giving me a peek into your soul.

7. gailsfriend - August 30, 2013

Same. Thank for the perfect timing.

8. John - August 30, 2013

So appropriate for what is happening in our world at the moment. I can not move past the left hand side of your spread. At this moment I am frozen. I don’t even know what the right side shows. Powerful when a piece can do that.

9. scrapbox9 - August 30, 2013

Nicely said! Opposites and contradictions of all kinds are part of life and part of art.

10. Tracy Stokes - August 31, 2013

I love your journal pages, and no, I’m no different.

11. Robyn - September 2, 2013

This describes me to a T! Such beautiful pages and words! Thank you!

12. Seth - September 3, 2013

Smooth talkers and true poets. Ahhh…your way with words once again!

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