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Spread 232 – Onward December 16, 2013

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232-OnwardI found this anonymous quote in my inbox today and loved it enough to inspire me to make these pages this morning and consider it. “Find arms that will hold you at your weakest times, eyes that will see your beauty at your ugliest times, and a heart that will love you at your worst.” It sounds simple enough, how come it’s not?


1. Lisa - December 16, 2013

The art of love, devotion, honor, standing by ones word seems to be trampled over, in our current state of human fragility, by “selfies,” fattening egos and addictions. Ever more the call for the valiant warrior of love and honor. “All for one and one for all.” Thank for your constant creativity and heeding the call to share it with us.

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2. Denise Buchanan - December 16, 2013

Dear Orly, I have subscribed to getting your wisdom and art journal spreads for only a very brief time. I feel such a profound connection. It is my intention to meet you and attend one of your workshops in the near future. I will look forward to that. I wrestle with how to say this so the Universe doesn’t heap more of it upon my head…. I have been out a work longer than a year having spinal surgery. I was and still am at times, overwhelmed by the enormity of the impact it has had on my everyday life. (penniless…) I don’t even want to write ” I am” before that “word”. I don’t know how to do any more that I am doing to change circumstances…. I can’t say I understand your art journal spreads, but I can say they are fresh, intense and intriguing. Thank-you for sharing them with me. I hope you and your family have a great holiday season. I just wanted to give a shout out and say thanks for being a bright spot in my world. Love, D. Starr Buchanan Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2013 22:04:20 +0000 To: denisebuchanan@hotmail.com

3. Annie Kerr - December 17, 2013

It’s a beautiful quote. What we all wish for, I think. And to some degree, one of the treasures a creative life can bring.

4. caterina giglio - December 17, 2013

I am so fortunate to have someone like this and when I did not, I imagined it every night and held that dream tight… not sharing it with anyone… one day my love appeared. Your spread is magnificent..

5. Monica - December 17, 2013

Intriguing quote indeed…it is not as simple as it sounds because of this:
If we can not provide such loving comfort for ourselves, how can we believe that anyone else could do so for us?

It all begins with us…

6. Darlene K Campbell - December 18, 2013

LOve the colors and the message. Your work is mesmerizing.

7. John - December 18, 2013

Not simple but wonderful when you have it. Great piece Orly!

8. Seth - December 18, 2013

What a special quote, so meaningful and poignant. And of course your pages enhance it to the nth degree.

9. Luna Arjuna - December 30, 2013

I reposted your special quote with your own words…
Hope you agree…

10. Stephanie - December 30, 2013

dear Orly,
Have spent some time here catching up with all of your rich offerings. Sending you all my best in the coming New Year!

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