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Spread 239 – I Am A Wanderer April 12, 2014

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

239-I Am A WandererThe pages encourage straying, prompting new encounters. I wander around restlessly, aimlessly, but purposefully too, if it is at all possible, looking looking looking to find me once again. When I don’t I start washing away layers in paint drippings, sanding them down, peeling them off, anxiously, feverishly. Trying to find landings to rest my tired eyes. Failing often. Covering up parts that I know for sure don’t work for me or my pages, and starting over. Pleasant for you? I care and I don’t. Disturbing to you? I care and I don’t. Beautiful to you? I care and I don’t. Continuously struggling to find the spaces that reside between eye-appeal and truth, open ended vast landscapes and small closed claustrophobic quarters. Spaces that rebel and others that are contrived and conformed and take my breath away in a very bad way. Bone-tired of my stop-and-go mentality. Just want to glide into view and not look back to correct. Getting cold feet by standing still in muddy paint, then elbowing myself to move. Move! Moooooove!


1. Seth - April 13, 2014

The journey continues…

2. theartsyfartsychick - April 13, 2014

beautiful surrender…. lovely piece

3. Shirley Douglass - April 13, 2014

This is wonderful!

4. apaperbear - April 13, 2014

I remember it’s start and middle. Nice journey here with this spread. Love you!

5. emilyclineart - April 13, 2014

beautifully done xo

6. Gil - April 14, 2014

i care and i don’t. mmmuahhh!!!

7. John - April 14, 2014

What a cool idea!

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