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Spread 244 – Private Names June 27, 2014

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

244-Private NamesI don’t belong to anyone. Not to my father, not to my mother, nor to you. The children do not belong to me no matter how much I long for them, for you. My art, my words, my thoughts, my emotions, my body, my memory, they belong to me, not to you. Stay away, don’t mess with my comfort or the rhythm in which I mature. Don’t poke, prod, and stir..

This spread started with my stencils (see my video on my Timeline.) Stencils are not always the last thing you can use, they can be gently embedded in the grounds of your pages, or appear in layers as they develop. There is still a bit of time to enter your comment (on my previous post) to win one of my stencils through the blog hop/Giveaway post, info here on my blog.  


1. Debby Podgorski - June 27, 2014

Congratulations on your new line of stencils. Yours are really unique. Love the latest page you did.

2. Terry Garrett - June 27, 2014

Well I may as well throw my name in- they are wonderful Orly!

3. Miranda Rutledge - June 27, 2014

Quite different…..They could belong to ME……..:)

4. Denise Spillane - June 28, 2014

Hi, I am so glad you became a Stencil Girl. I love your work and now that I know it I can follow.

5. The Journal Center - June 28, 2014

Love your work! First time I’ve seen it online. Thanks for all your posts.

6. apaperbear - June 28, 2014

Oh how I love this and the layers. They encourage us to linger and look and contemplate. What was below? You inspire and teach always. You are an original. Love.

7. emilyclineart - June 29, 2014

Such a striking image and profound words and thoughts. Grateful.

8. Tena Navarrete - June 30, 2014

i love your stencils…I love it all!
So do I get those unique stencils. The possibilities are endless.

9. Jennifer J - June 30, 2014

Love this spread and what you’ve said. So profound and so true.
Thank you for always inspiring me.

10. Veronica Roth - July 2, 2014

I’ve been hopping around and have absolutely no idea how I landed on your blog…lol, but wanted to say, nice work with the stencil art. it’s making me want to order some lino and make some new cuts. 🙂 Off to read some more of your posts now Orly. 🙂

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