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Spread 253 – Found in Assertion February 8, 2015

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

253-Found in Assertion

I’ve been living the illusion of being free and at the same time with the knowing that I wasn’t at all. Next week I’ll turn 56 and can say, ever so delicately, that I am free, that I feel it in my body, and that I feel it not being an illusion. I feel like I earned every line in my skin. I feel all my flaws huddling, rushing to tell a truer story about who I’ve been and where I am going. I am not ashamed of my self.


1. Sylvia - February 8, 2015

Thank you Orly for your beautiful work and for sharing your thoughts. You are reminding me of where I was 20 years ago when I decided to set myself free. I was exactly your age. I decided that I was worth getting a second chance. It was the kindest thing that I had ever done for myself. Now, years later, I am happy, very blessed and at peace.

I wish the same for you… Sylvia

2. apaperbear - February 8, 2015

So complex, deep and wonderful. Love. Just love.

3. Stella Graham-Landau - February 8, 2015

Brava! Eloquently stated.

4. loveisfreedom - February 8, 2015

Beautiful and moving post, Orly. Your art and words touch my spirit in a very close and deep way. Thank you for sharing them. I hope that you have a beautiful and blessed birthday.

5. Debra - February 8, 2015

Well said… There is something so liberating about aging with confidence while keeping a sense of wonderment and joy for life. Happy Birthday. Love your work.

6. Jennifer White - February 8, 2015

I’m anxious to get to this place, too ….

7. Terry Garrett - February 8, 2015

Wonderful spread- so full of meaning and emotion. As always thank you for sharing yourself.

8. emilyclineart - February 8, 2015

Your passion is infectious and inspiring, Orly. Thank you!

9. Seth - February 8, 2015

Your words are like music and it sounds to me as if your favorite song is now playing. A very happy birthday and cheers to the wonder that lies ahead!

10. sandi cohen - February 8, 2015

I am glad you found your freedom; it is harder to be free when one is alone in life, than when one is surrounded by others. It seems easier to run from the pack than to run from oneself. For me, it was difficult but not impossible to “run” from those around me, and that which I am involved with; being alone leaves me without motivation.

11. Fiona Hill - February 9, 2015

wow!Gorgeous Journal page Orly. Happy birthday for next week 🙂

12. rivergardenstudio - February 15, 2015

How beautiful Orly, congratulations and wishing you joy in all your new stories that will be borne with each new day.

13. Sharmon Davidson - February 19, 2015

beautiful and deep.

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