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Spread 267 – A Pile Of Agains July 20, 2015

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267-A Pile Of Agains

In order to recall that very young person we once were, you know, the one who made glorious and free-natured marks on any found surface, a wall, a table, a piece of paper, a book, we need just one little bit of inspiration. That one little bit has to be NEW in order to open up all gates of vigor. NEW in order to invite in fear and fierceness all at once, the mixture that a creative state of mind is made of. Such inspiration arrived one day in a sturdy envelope. Three little stencils came out and immediately sparked that bit of inspiration in me. Three little stencils with mostly words on them. Not the usual words like “love”, “gratitude”, “hope”, but words that evoke something else I was yet to explore. Words like “alone”, “abandon”, “enough” and “false.” Aah, sweet newness!      These stencils were designed by my friend, the high-spirited and most generous Seth Apter and I am so happy I got to access my “Pile of Agains” through their use. The three stencils are produced by StencilGirl Products and are being launched today. Learn more at Seth’s The Altered Page…and then get you some newness.



1. Denise Spillane - July 20, 2015

Very cool spread. My mind got going as soon as I saw the new one. I love all of Seth’s stencils!

2. cynnthea - July 20, 2015

Loving these stencils, his post states another entry for giveaway by posting on each bloghop post participant. To enter we are to post one comment on each post.

3. Monica Lowrance - July 20, 2015

I enjoyed what you made. He does have some cool stencils. Thank you for being fierce.

4. joarty1 - July 21, 2015

LOVE what you’ve done here. Seth’s stencils are great.

5. Carol K - July 22, 2015

such versattile stencils – can’t wait to create with them

6. apaperbear - July 24, 2015

More wonderful newness and Seth’s stencils! FRESH!

7. Amy M - July 28, 2015

I got all the stamps now I have to get the stencils, love them

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