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Spread 269 – Burn Out August 21, 2015

Posted by Orly in Uncategorized.

269-Burn Out

Ironically, sometimes, from the most extreme exhaustion comes an unforeseeable fire of life, the most robust expression and beyond that, an explosion of ideas to store for the future. These burned out papers were found down the cliff by the ocean where it seems like a campfire was built to commemorate a surfer that died in this particular spot. Letters were written, it seems by teenagers, and burnt. I guess, I imagine these to be what’s left. I could be completely mistaken. Inspiration comes in many earthy yet etherial ways. Blessed am I to notice, or have friends that notice such dainty things. Collaborators.


1. apaperbear - August 21, 2015

I love this one, I love them all. I love the little guy on the left side in the middle. I know this burn out you speak of. We need sleep. I write this at 3:50am getting up for work. I need a job that lets me sleep. I love you!!! I miss creating with you! Soon!!!!!!!

2. Kay Cox - August 21, 2015


3. dkatiepowellart - August 21, 2015

Beautiful entry!

4. vickiinyourhead - August 21, 2015

How the acts of others touch many…..and the thread continues.

5. emilyclineart - August 21, 2015

Love this, Orly. So many little feasts.

6. cindy - August 21, 2015


7. Denise Spillane - August 22, 2015

Love it, stunning.

8. Wendy Lee - August 24, 2015

what others might see as trash turns into treasure…….

9. Anne Philipson - August 25, 2015

This pulls at the heart strings & is inspiring… prompted me to visit the seaside today

10. John - August 25, 2015

Lucky you to have such found treasures to use to commemorate further this tragedy. Your piece is all that much more amazing! 🙂

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