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My Visual Journaling Teaching Schedule and GIVEAWAY November 10, 2015

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I am finally announcing my workshops schedule for 2016…I am beyond beyond excited…I have carefully chosen places I wholeheartedly believe will be a great fit to the manner in which I naturally create, and to my innermost longings to connect to people and places, wishes to share what I have inside me with others.

For more information about the individual workshops please contact the host or visit the link noted underneath the specific poster. Please scroll down to find them!


I’ve decided to give one of my workshops away to one eager student. The workshops that are up for winning are the ones that have my email address underneath the posters below. That’s orlyavineri@gmail.com. There are 7 of them. To enter the drawing please leave a comment here and mention the specific workshop you are interested in attending.

A winner will be randomly drawn on Friday, November 13, at noon Pacific Time.

I hope you’ll join me someday in 2016

00--2016 Schedule

Please scroll down to see the individual workshop announcements and who to contact to receive more information.





01.1 RB-Alterations

For details please email me









03-Artfest Rising





For details please email me



05- GhostRanch

http://www.erinfaithallen.com/ghostranchretreat/  SOLD OUT

http://www.erinfaithallen.com/ghostranch2/  SOLD OUT



For details please email me



07-July 1-2-3 at melody's

 For details please email me



08-Bainbridge Island

For details please email Kathie Vezzani





For details please email me



10-Dalen, NL

For details please email Leslie Van der Heide







For details please email Jenny Grant




For details please email Amanda Grace



16-SM-The Visual Journal As Altar

For details please email Rebecca Brooks



15- DEC-A New Page

For details please email me



1. Dawn Mlodoch - November 10, 2015

I should very much love the opportunity to attend the class in Portland, Oregon. It makes my heart and soul fly to even think about it.

2. edithmachattie - November 10, 2015

It would be my dream to join you in Portland in July!!!!! Xox

3. Denise Spillane - November 10, 2015

Any of them would be fabulous. For this I would choose the Visual Journal s Sanctuary in. Portland. Love your art!

4. sarahochoa - November 10, 2015

I would love to win a spot in your The Visual Journal as Sanctuary in Portland! Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

5. dkatiepowellart - November 10, 2015

Love to win the one in Portland!

6. Ginnie Hebert - November 10, 2015

Portland, OR or Star, ID–I love your unique approach to art journaling and would love to join you!

7. dkatiepowellart - November 10, 2015

Hey lookat this — we all want Portland!

8. Lana Cano Kloch - November 10, 2015

am so excited.. am interested in sweden.. where do i get more info? thank you..

9. Likylovekin - November 10, 2015

What a generous give away. It sounds like Portland is the place to be in July. Of course I will be seeing you in LosGatos in Feb. can’t wait. Lorrie

10. Tena Navarrete - November 10, 2015

Orly, Feel like a nomad at times. Please enter me for the drawing.

Sent from my iPhone


11. Katie Winterstein - November 10, 2015



12. Jacki Long - November 10, 2015

Hi Orly,

Hope all is well?

I wanted to check in with you to find out when you might need my deposit or payment for the April 16 – 18 workshop? I think you have me on your list? Just let me know when I need to get back to you. Thanks Orly.


13. lisagbart33 - November 10, 2015

Thank you so much Orly! Any would be wonderful! If I had to choose though I would probably pick Portland, but I would be excited for any of your workshops!

14. Gregory Parker - November 10, 2015

Orly, I would love to attend the workshop in Portland.

15. Jeanne - November 10, 2015

Oh these workshops!
How badly I wanted to do Ghost Ranch – but I would love to do Visual Journal as Sanctuary in Portland in July. I struggle to open up completely when I journal and I know it would help me lean in as an artist. Thank you!

16. ila - November 10, 2015

How generous of you , wonderful Orly.
Please put my name in for the January and April workshops in beautiful Redondo Beach!! תודה רבה

17. Tracey - November 10, 2015

I would love to attend A Visual Journal in Star, Idaho or A New Page in Redondo Beach. Thank you for the chance to win a spot – you’re so kind and generous!

18. Toni Kwaiser - November 10, 2015

The one at Melody’s Art Barn!!! It would be a dream come true!

19. Kim Hyer - November 10, 2015

I am so excited that you are coming to Portland Oregon. It would be a great opportunity to meet you and Flora and Pearl… you are going to be at brave girl camp too. … a girl can wish… I hope I win…

20. Ana - November 10, 2015

Wow! I would love to attend all of them but I choose the Redondo Beach one April 16-18. I’ve never attended an art retreat yet and it’s on my bucket list!

21. Patience Taba - November 10, 2015

I would love to attend at Melody’s Art Barn in Star, Idaho! How magical!

22. CarolWiebe - November 10, 2015

I want Ghost Ranch. Just the name gives me the shivers. I don’t care if it is sold out–i know you can make magic happen.

23. Kathy Humphrey - November 10, 2015

I’d love to join you for “Alterations” in Redondo Beach in January!

24. Jill pitzer - November 10, 2015

I would love to attend your class in Melody’s art barn.

25. Sharon Norvelle. - November 10, 2015

Thank you for this oportunity. I think Star, Idaho is my choice.

26. Phyllis French - November 10, 2015

Would love to go to the Ghost Ranch!

27. Michelle Breen - November 10, 2015

I would so love to join you at your home in Redondo Beach in April. I have held in all my creativeness for so long and now I am looking forward to every day that I can wake up and make something. Taking this class would mean a lot to me. Thanks!

28. jacki long - November 10, 2015

I’d love to win the December 10-11, A NEW PAGE workshop for my 75th birthday on the 12/11/2016, but good wishes to whoever wins.
Thanks Orly., jacki long

29. Heidi Redfield - November 10, 2015

Would be a neat treat to go to the Visual Journal class in Portland Or. At Flora Bowley’s art studio.

30. Heather - November 10, 2015

Hello Orly! January in Redondo sounds quite lovely to me. Would love to participate in Alterations – and it would be good to start the new year by spending time with you and other journalers.

31. Christina Malm - November 10, 2015

I would love to join you in Portland, or Idaho, or next year in December. And I’ll probably see you at one of them at least. thanks.

32. Celeste Braun - November 10, 2015

Star, Idaho!!! I’d love to win! Or assist, or breath the same air😍

33. Gaye West - November 10, 2015

I would love to hop aboard the entire 2016 Orly train, but I am specifically entranced with the idea of spending time in beautiful Portland for The Visual Journal As Sanctuary ❤

34. Vicki Lee - November 10, 2015

Hi Orly! You know I love your workshops because they take me to a good place and immerse me in great art and sharing. Please enter me for the April 16-18 Sanctuary workshop. Thank you for generously gifting this to one lucky person!

35. vickiinyourhead - November 10, 2015

Hi Orly! You know I love your workshops because they take me to a good place, physically and emotionally. I would love to be entered for the April 16-18 (is that correct? 3 days?) Sanctuary workshop in Redondo Beach. So generous of you to gift one of your workshops. xox

36. Gwen Delmore - November 10, 2015

I’d love to join you in Portland at Flora Bowley’s studio! I took a class from you at Journalfest in 2011, and have wanted to take another class from you ever since!

37. Pamela Beck - November 10, 2015

Orly, It would really be a dream come true being in Redondo Beach with you , creating a visual journal. Alterations! It’s just what I need in my life right now!
Thank you for being so generous.

38. Melanie Garlinger - November 10, 2015

I’d find a way to California or Portland if I won! I’m secretly wishing to go to the Austin workshop, watching the bank.

Wendy Parsons - November 10, 2015

Hi Orly, Thanks so much for your generous offer. I would love to experience your journal class and can travel to Portland Oregon for the July workshop. Keeping my fingers crossed! Blessings to all.

39. kristin - November 10, 2015

thank you for this opportunity! such a difficult choice….but, i would chose the alterations class in california; with a second choice of the visual journal in idaho.

40. iHanna - November 10, 2015

I would love to come to any of your classes in the US, but I guess the trip alone would be costy so not sure I could if I was so lucky to win one. But will check out the one where you’re coming to Sweden – that is just awsomee – it’s where I am! Thank you dear one! 🙂

41. Nikki Blackwood - November 10, 2015

I would love to join you in your The Visual Journal as Sanctuary WS in Portland OR.

42. Mary Oasan - November 10, 2015

Would really love to take a class with you in Portland!

43. Sojna - November 10, 2015

Hello Orly,
What a generous give away. Can’t tell you how happy I would be to attend one of your workshops. I guess it would be kind of like a miracle to win? I would be ecstatic to win any of your workshops but if I had my choice it would be The Visual Journal as Sanctuary in Portland, A visual Journal….a place for Independence Star Idaho, or The Visual Journal as Sanctuary in Redondo Beach, CA. I would just like to take a class from you and no one comes to INDIANA!

Sojna Widmer

44. Kat Gottfried - November 10, 2015

Portland! How exciting to think of a workshop with you and Flora. You are both on my art retreat “bucket list”. What a great lineup of places you have for 2016.

45. erinkellynoll - November 10, 2015

So excited you are coming to Portland. Taking one of your classes is highlighted on my bucket list! Thank you for your generosity.

46. Brenda Beene Shackleford - November 10, 2015

How exciting. Thank you so much for offereing this great opportunity. I’ll be taking a class with you at Artfest:) I’d like to submit for the Visual Journal as Sanctuary in Portland in July. Thanks again!!!

47. Sherry Nowlin - November 10, 2015

Wow, this is fantastic. I’ve been such a fan for so long. I am going to be in California this January, (I live in canada) so I’d love to attend the Alterations workshop in Redondo on the 23-24th.
Thanks so much. You’re a gem!

48. Miranda Rutledge - November 10, 2015

Me, Me Me Very Eager!! Eager Beaver here!!! I would love any but clear across the country…Southern NC Chick here!!! I would love workshop at Melody Ross’s Brave Girl’s Barn in July!!! How awesome!!!!

49. Jody Valentine - November 10, 2015

Any workshop you are teaching is one that I want to attend!

50. Bea Savellano - November 10, 2015

I live near you in Redondo Beach so thT is the practical choice. I am most interested I ar journaling and would like to attend Santa Cruz or Nee Mexico. Too many choices?…be

51. Brenda Hansen - November 10, 2015

I would be so extremely happy to attend at the Art Barn in Star, Idaho! Super fun!

52. Kate Burroughs - November 10, 2015

I would love to be able to attend either of the workshops in December in southern California (Oceanside or Redondo Beach). Thanks so much for a chance to attend.

53. Arly Helm - November 10, 2015

If I won a class in Oceanside, I would arrange a visit to my beloved elders around that date. (They live in San Diego, I live in northern California.)

54. Julie Moberg - November 10, 2015

Thank you for the opportunity to win. I would love to learn from you in a class in the Netherlands. Love your art.

55. thaliasmusings - November 11, 2015

I so appreciate your giveaway, I am so needing time in your presence! So, I would be interested on the January 23 workshop in redondo beach. If I comment on the other workshops does it increase my odds? Actually any date locally and that you’re in..that’s the one I want!!! Xoxo

56. Janine Heifetz - November 11, 2015

Well I have to give it a go and try for either Bainbridge Island class or the one with Teesha Moore as I live in WA State…will keep toes and fingers crossed for a very long time! Until then, thank you for the opportunity for a chance to win!

57. Ana Campos - November 11, 2015

Oh how wonderful! I would love to join you in Portland in July. It is literally on the opposite side of the country from where I live (New England), but I would happily travel to meet you!

58. Paula McNamee - November 11, 2015

Hi Orly, thanks for your generous gift opportunity. I’d love to take your Portland workshop at Flora’s studio. Paula

59. hanchienwu - November 11, 2015

I love your journal sooo much and it will be my dream to join you at Portland , Oregon :))

60. Sophie - November 11, 2015

Yes yes yes ! Would love to journal away with you in The Netherlands, it would be just a drive away from Belgium. Yes yes yes !

61. Angel Chiasson - November 11, 2015

I fell down some sort of rabbit hole and found myself here – must be exactly where I need to go.
Austin TX! I would love the opportunity! Thank you

62. Debbi Murray - November 11, 2015

I would love to attend either of the workshops in WA state or the one in Portland OR. What a generous gift you are giving with giving away a spot! Best!

63. Lori Wostl - November 11, 2015

Dear Orly,

Please pick me!

I am a Nomad so I don’t need a workshop on that!

I have wanted to take a workshop with you since I first saw your work in 2010. I can never seem to swing the swag to spend just on myself. There are lots of folk in my family who want the vacation funds and the classroom funds, from grandkids to husbands…just never seems like fair to spend it all on myself. (I am not complaining – they are the best. I forgot what you wanted us to write. But I love your work, I love your passion and I would love to take a class with you. I would like the Idaho venue or the Portland venue (would we actually meet Flora?!)
Please pick me!

Currently on the road thru January 10, 2016

64. Tara Ross - November 11, 2015

I would so love to win one of your wonderful classes. I would love to win the Portland in July class.
I’d be excited to win any class…

65. reddoglady - November 12, 2015

I have been a fan since I met you in the interview with flora bowley — I bought all of your books and have joined the facebook group — a dream come true would be to take the workshop at floras studio — thanks for a chance to win Joanne

66. Shawn K. Riley - November 12, 2015

Dear Orly,
I was blown away by your creativity in Crystal’s L.A. workshop last month. I would be thrilled to win a spot in one of your workshops here in L.A. or Redondo Beach. Cheers, Shawn

67. Carroll - November 13, 2015

I would love to take your workshop in Portland, Oregon next July–thank you!!

68. Denise Britton - November 13, 2015

Orly, I would love to take your class in December in Redondo Beach. Thanks for giving me a chance to win. I look forward to seeing you in the future.

Best wishes always,

69. Shelley - November 13, 2015

Your blog is inspiring. I would love to attend any workshop in Redondo Beach. I look forward to enjoying more of your artwork & creativity.


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