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2017 Workshops and Retreats + Giveaway November 18, 2016

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IN PERSON, that’s the only way I do it, want to do it, need to do it, am elated to do it. As someone who ignored and denied her own heart’s desires for way too long I now strive to do the things that are wholeheartedly aligned with these deepest desires, my quirky tendencies, and my independent spirit. Or as they cliché-ishly (I made up a word again) say, be true to myself.

And my true self wants to see you and be seen by you, hold your hands and your hands to hold mine, move you and be moved by you. I want to provide you with an environment that urges connection and expansion rather than exclusion and retreat. All with the greatest excuse of all, the creative process.

These are the things that rock my world, and hopefully rock yours too. More than ever, I see all this as something truly special that is deeply needed. So I hope you find ways to get together with others to converse, to journal, to paint, to make music, to sing, to cook, to dance. IN PERSON. And if it includes me, I’d be most grateful, as I perpetually am.

For more information about the individual workshops please contact the host or visit the link noted underneath the specific image below.

Please scroll down to find them!

A GIVEAWAY—One workshop at my place will go to one eager student. The workshops that are up for winning are the ones that say REDONDO BEACH, CA. There are 4 of them. To enter the drawing please leave a sweet comment here and mention the specific date you are interested in.

A winner will be randomly drawn on Tuesday, November 22, at noon Pacific Time.

I hope you’ll join me somewhere, someday in 2017



00-JAN-3-day RB

For details please email me @ orlyavineri@gmail.com




For details please email Lyn Bleiler @ lyn.bleiler@yahoo.com



For details please email Annie Hooten @ hootenannie4@aol.com







02-APR 2017-Salt Lake City 4-Day

For details please email Marti Grace @ mga9999@gmail.com



For details please email me @ orlyavineri@gmail.com


03-MAY 2017-Ghost Ranch




For details please email me @ orlyavineri@gmail.com



For details please email me @ orlyavineri@gmail.com



For details please email me @ orlyavineri@gmail.com



For details and registration  www.art-retreat.com

For additional questions email Ana Campos at NEartretreat@gmail.com



For info email Rebecca Brooks




For details please email me @ orlyavineri@gmail.com


ART JOURNAL YOUR ARCHETYPES by Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli—Book Giveaway October 11, 2016

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I haven’t posted here for a good few months, but this, this, calls for a post…



ART JOURNAL YOUR ARCHETYPES – Mixed Media Techniques for Finding Yourself is a new book by Gabrielle Javier-Cerulli. I just found two copies of the beautiful book in my mail box and I am ready to give one away to one of you visiting here and leaving me your words in the comment box.

“In this unique book, you will learn processes for discovering your core archetypes and using that knowledge to create highly personal visual expressions, all the while embracing the personal revelations and creative breakthroughs that result”. -Gabrielle

About two years ago along with a few others I was honored to be asked to contribute to her book. After a long conversation with Gabrielle exploring my archetypes, I was to create a couple of journal spreads deriving from that newly received information about myself. That new wisdom of an unknown world to me before opened my expression to new directions and the making and preparing of these pages became most meaningful and joyous to me. I made them about two years ago and I am happy to get them both into light. Here they are…


Nature Woman



The Storyteller


In this book I write this about the archetypes that make me and the connection between journaling and these newly discovered archetypes:

“I make art in books. I notice that I consider my pages to be complete when at least one of my archetypes emerges from total anonymity to full visibility. Very often I find traces of all of them in one page. It makes complete sense to me now. The Visionary, Storyteller, Liberator, Creative, Warrior, Rebel, Pioneer, and Nature Woman in me all make appearances on my behalf when needed. In return I give them “voice” through my visual expression, and the connections that I allow myself to have with the world and all that binds us all.”

Thank you so much Gabrielle for introducing me to this fascinating new world and including me in it!

The book is available here!!

Please get yourself a copy or leave a comment here for a chance to win one. One lucky winner will be randomly picked and announced one week from today, on Tuesday, Oct. 18, at noon (PT).

What has me most excited about the Brave Girl Symposium! April 23, 2016

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The coming together of women to become visible and be heard, to tell and listen, tell their own stories and listen to the stories of others will be undoubtedly life altering, incredible. And what will be even more incredible is the creating of new stories. To be fully honest with you I am quite uneasy about speaking in front of so many of you as you would imagine but in the same time I am indescribably elated to be opening my world just a bit (or a lot) more to the opportunity to speak of my experience here on earth so far, I am almost ready.

This magnificent happening sweetly promises to be a rare and beautiful opening for each and every one of us to feel in our bones how interconnected we all truly are and to witness our respective and collective growth in pure motion. It excites me to no end to imagine that the messages of this groundbreaking symposium would be carried on to other people, other places, and other times, beyond our few days together.

Yes, it takes a brave girl to open, open, open with each and every opportunity given to her and keep on opening when all a girl wants to do most of the time is to stay in the safe cocoon she so meticulously built for herself throughout the years.

That girl is me too.

Please join me and many many others in this great brave celebration created for us by the two beautiful sisters Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins.

“Imagine a woman who values the women in her life. A woman who sits in circles of women. Who is reminded of the truth about herself when she forgets.

Imagine yourself as this woman” –Patricia Lynn Reilly

Bundles of Mystery February 12, 2016

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Bundle 2In less than two weeks I will be driving up the coast of California by myself, a magical ritual. I am preparing for it with stops on the way (by the infamous Bubblegum covered walls and Antique Malls in both Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo), overnights by the Central coast. Till I get to the majestic Santa Cruz Mountains in the North where An Artful Journey art retreat is going to happen for the last time. I made these little book bundles to offer the women at my booth one of these nights at the beautiful Presentation Center tucked in the woods. They will be sold as they are and it will be up to the “new owners” to unbundle them and discover for themselves the boundless possibilities these tiny bound and bundled books hold. Bundle 3

Bundle 1

FEBRUARY news January 28, 2016

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Hello dear sweet souls, January is almost gone and with the workshops “Passport To Journal” in Austin, TX and “Alterations” at home in Redondo Beach, CA, it was a most exuberant month. A fantastic beginning to what promises to be a prolific and altered year for all of us. I just feel it! And I wish it!!Bundles

I have created The Journaling Game last month and am so happy it was received so well and people are feeling inspired by them. I now have the card sets in stock and plan to make sure they will be in stock at all times.

More information about The Journaling Game and how to order is available only by inquiring via orlyavineri@gmail.comcard2
Towards the end of February I will be taking a nice drive to the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains in California to teach in one of my favorite retreats, An Artful Journey.
It is unfortunately the last one. I believe registration is still open.
If you are interested in finding out where I will be teaching throughout this year please check out https://oneartistjournal.com/workshops-and-retreats/ Please make sure you scroll down to find out who to contact regarding a specific workshop.00--2016 Schedule
I hope you’ll join me some where some time in 2016 !!
On the beach
A Stand for Art Journaling

Visual Journaling in Southern Cal. January 21, 2016

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This weekend…waiting to alter and be altered. 01.1 RB-AlterationsThe practice of Visual Journaling cultivates insight into the nature of the creative process and its multiple meanings. Enriched by self trust and acceptance, paper, paint, words, pen, and line entwine to make expressive complex intimate books. It’s all about one’s willingness to reveal vulnerability and rawness for the sake of true creative freedom. Experiencing honest and joyous journeys takes precedence over producing beautiful outcomes. Ultimately, visual journaling is about depicting the fluidity of life, about effortlessly carrying one’s self from one place to another.

Another aspect of journaling that can not be denied is the constant element of change that occurs in the process; obvious, tangible, sensorial, and physical change of our pages with each and every choice we make and less obvious and tangible, more hidden, obscure, and mysterious, change that occurs when we allow honest and courageous expression to take place on our pages.
In order to assist us in that task we’ll be using an existing old book, one that has type, print, images, illustrations, and photographs that are calling to us. That would be a book of your own choice, one you are willing to honor, and yes, also to alter, to change. The many meanings of alteration; change, adjustment, adaptation, modification, will be explored in both tactile and metaphorical ways. When change is brought forth, healing almost always follows.

THE (art) JOURNALING GAME January 16, 2016

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…is back, and is available in the US, Canada, and outside of the US.

For inquiries and purchase please email me at:


Cards-BacksThe (art) Journaling Game is a deck of 48 cards (3.5 x 3.5”) with art derived from my journals on one side and a prompt and a spark of inspiration on the other. It’s designed for the absolute beginner or the seasoned art-journaler, working solo or enjoying a group setting, with materials mostly found at home, in nature, and on the street.


THE (art) JOURNALING GAME December 22, 2015

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In mid January 2016 it will be available again for inquiries and purchase and shipping in the US, Canada, and outside of the US.

Cards 1

The (art) Journaling Game is a deck of 48 cards (3.5 x 3.5”) with art derived from my journals on one side and a prompt and a spark of inspiration on the other. It’s designed for the absolute beginner or the seasoned art-journaler, working solo or enjoying a group setting, with materials mostly found at home, in nature, and on the street.

Cards 5

The Journaling Game December 20, 2015

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Another batch of The (Art) Journaling Game deck of cards is in and ready for you to order…


….in the US, Canada, and outside of the US.

The (art) Journaling Game is a deck of 48 cards (3.5” x 3.5”) with journal art on one side and a prompt and inspiration on the other. It’s designed for the absolute beginner or the seasoned art-journaler, working solo or enjoying a group setting, with materials mostly found at home, in nature, and on the street.

Cards NEW

…and the winner… December 15, 2015

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…of a deck of THE (ART) JOURNALING GAME is

(drum roll)…

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 5.50.38 PM

Ronit Neeman Salei…


…an email will be sent to you shortly…



I appreciate your patience as I try to navigate this new terrain and also make it available for individuals outside of the US.

Cards in a box...