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Spread 270 – Two Kinds August 25, 2015

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270-Two Kinds

Those who turn off the light in others, and those who turn it on. Radiate it, give it. Your and my choice. Oversimple but true.

Spread 269 – Burn Out August 21, 2015

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269-Burn Out

Ironically, sometimes, from the most extreme exhaustion comes an unforeseeable fire of life, the most robust expression and beyond that, an explosion of ideas to store for the future. These burned out papers were found down the cliff by the ocean where it seems like a campfire was built to commemorate a surfer that died in this particular spot. Letters were written, it seems by teenagers, and burnt. I guess, I imagine these to be what’s left. I could be completely mistaken. Inspiration comes in many earthy yet etherial ways. Blessed am I to notice, or have friends that notice such dainty things. Collaborators.

Spread 268 – Pacify Me July 24, 2015

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268-Pacify Me

Spread 267 – A Pile Of Agains July 20, 2015

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267-A Pile Of Agains

In order to recall that very young person we once were, you know, the one who made glorious and free-natured marks on any found surface, a wall, a table, a piece of paper, a book, we need just one little bit of inspiration. That one little bit has to be NEW in order to open up all gates of vigor. NEW in order to invite in fear and fierceness all at once, the mixture that a creative state of mind is made of. Such inspiration arrived one day in a sturdy envelope. Three little stencils came out and immediately sparked that bit of inspiration in me. Three little stencils with mostly words on them. Not the usual words like “love”, “gratitude”, “hope”, but words that evoke something else I was yet to explore. Words like “alone”, “abandon”, “enough” and “false.” Aah, sweet newness!      These stencils were designed by my friend, the high-spirited and most generous Seth Apter and I am so happy I got to access my “Pile of Agains” through their use. The three stencils are produced by StencilGirl Products and are being launched today. Learn more at Seth’s The Altered Page…and then get you some newness.


Spread 266 – A Woman of Many Attachments June 23, 2015

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266-A Woman of Many Attachments

Spread 265 – Joyed June 9, 2015

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My little handsome and beloved brother is getting married this weekend with beautiful and graceful Kate. I can’t wait. All this is true except for the fact that he is not little.

Spread 264 – Rush May 30, 2015

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I sleep too little, wake up in abruptness. I keep multiple To-Do lists, run run run, eat badly, breathe scarcely. In constant urgent hastiness. Done with that. Give me luxurious days spent in the nothing. In a green meadow.

Spread 263 – Retreats May 28, 2015

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263-RetreatsTime to go in, and time out. A moment to trust and another to retrieve. A space to share, and a space to not. An opportunity to bond, and an option to diverge. Remnants of two weeks of poetic experiences on Whidbey Island.

Spread 262-Cover Up May 25, 2015

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262-Whidbey Cover

Cover Up..

Feeling wordless today..


Spread 261 – Misplacement of Things May 2, 2015

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Going back to roots. I can do without the words right now. The visual language is what it always was. Safe.


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